Chapter 21.08


21.08.010    Purpose.

21.08.020    Episode criteria.

21.08.010 Purpose.

The Fairbanks area emergency episode prevention plan is designed to prevent carbon monoxide concentrations within the borough from reaching levels which endanger the public health. Primary responsibility for implementation of this plan rests with the borough’s air quality division of the department of transportation. (Amended during 1993 republication; Ord. 85-065 § 2, 1985. 2004 Code § 8.05.010.)

21.08.020 Episode criteria.

A. During the winter months of November through February the borough shall review daily carbon monoxide data. When the CO concentration reaches the onset level for an episode and is expected to remain at that level for 12 hours, an alert will be declared.

B. The following definitions are adopted:

Alert” means when the FNSB air quality division determines, using available data, that a violation of the nine parts per million for an eight-hour average will likely occur.

Episode” means when conditions reach alert status.

Forecast” means a description of the current dispersion conditions described as good, fair or poor and including the expected CO concentrations expressed in parts per million for an eight-hour average.

Maintenance area” means:

1. The Fairbanks/Fort Wainwright subarea, including Township 1 South, Range 1 West, Sections 2 through 23, the portion of Section 1 west of the Fort Wainwright military reservation boundary, and the portions of Section 24 north of the Old Richardson Highway and west of the military reservation boundary;

2. Township 1 South, Range 2 West, Sections 13 and 24, the portion of Section 12 southwest of Chena Pump Road, and the portions of Sections 14 and 23 southeast of the Chena River;

3. Township 1 South, Range 1 East, Sections 7, 8 and 18, and the portions of Section 19 north of the Richardson Highway; and

4. The North Pole subarea, including Township 2 South, Range 2 East, and the portions of Section 9 and 10 southwest of the Richardson Highway.

C. Carbon Monoxide Control Measures. FNSB air quality division will notify local media to ensure the declared alert is broadcast. Information within the notification will contain the CO forecast and procedures to reduce sources of CO, e.g., use of public transportation, use of engine preheating, elimination of unnecessary use of motor vehicles. (Ord. 2013-07 § 3, 2013; Ord. 2004-61 § 2, 2004; Ord. 2003-71 § 2, 2003; amended during 1993 republication; Ord. 91-044 § 2, 1991; Ord. 85-065 § 2, 1985. 2004 Code § 8.05.020.)