Chapter 1.20


1.20.010    Corporate boundaries.

1.20.010 Corporate boundaries.

A. The boundaries of the borough are as follows:

Beginning at Eldred Rock Light at Latitude 58 degrees 58.3′N and Longitude 135 degrees 13.2′W; thence in a straight line east to Mt. Nesselrode, Boundary Peak No. 98 at Latitude 58 degrees 57′44.96″W and Longitude 134 degrees 18′42.03″W; thence northerly at the Alaska-Canada Boundary line on a meander line to Mt. Bagit at Latitude 59 degrees 21′N and Longitude 135 degrees 02′2; thence due west on a straight line to a point in the center of Lynn Canal on Taiya Inlet at approximately Latitude 59 degrees 21′N and Longitude 135 degrees 22.5′W; thence northwesterly to Monument No. 124 on the Alaska-Canada Boundary at Latitude 59 degrees 44′N and Longitude 135 degrees 43′W; thence in a meandering westerly line following the Alaska-Canada Boundary to Mt. Harris; thence in a southeasterly and southerly manner along the Glacier Bay National Monument Boundary to a point due north of Porpoise Island Light at Latitude 58 degrees 22.1′N and Longitude 135 degrees 27.2′W; thence south to Porpoise Island at Latitude 58 degrees 19.1′N and Longitude 135 degrees 27.2′W; thence southeasterly to the southern tip of Sisters Islands at Latitude 58 degrees 10′N and Longitude 135 degrees 15′W; thence southeasterly to Hanus Reef at Latitude 58 degrees 07.9′N and Longitude 134 degrees 59.8′W; thence north to a point midway between Lincoln Island on the east and the mainland on the west, at Latitude 58 degrees 30′N and Longitude 135 degrees 04.15′W; thence north paralleling the boundary of the City and Borough of Juneau to Eldred Rock Light, the point of beginning, containing 2,620 square miles more or less; save and excepting therefrom: (1) the lands comprising Klukwan Indian Reservation established by Executive Order numbered 1764 dated April 21, 1913, and amended as to the boundaries thereof by Executive Order numbered 3673 dated May 15, 1922, and further amended by the Act of September 2, 1957, Public Law 85-271, 71 Stat. 596, particularly described as follows: Lots 1, 2, and 3 of Section 32; all of the north one-half of Section 33, Lots 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the south one-half of Section 33; Lots 1 and 2 and the northeast one-quarter of the southwest one-quarter of Section 34, Township 28 South, Range 56 East, CRM Alaska (and Lots 2, 3 and 4 of Section 5, and Lots 1 and 9 of Section 6, Township 29 South, Range 57 East, Copper River Meridian).

B. The boundaries of the borough as described above were the effective borough boundaries as approved by the state Local Boundary Commission and the Alaska State Legislature on October 17, 2002.