Chapter 2.100


2.100.010    The Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center, Inc.

2.100.020    Museum board of trustees.

2.100.030    Organization of the board of trustees.

2.100.040    Board vacancies – Filling vacancies.

2.100.050    Duties and responsibilities of museum board of trustees.

2.100.010 The Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center, Inc.

The Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center, Inc., including a building owned and staffed by the Haines Borough as the repository of the collections and articles on loan or acquired and owned in public trust by the Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center, Inc. and its other assets, is operated and administered in its entirety by a board of trustees.

2.100.020 Museum board of trustees.

The museum board of trustees shall consist of nine members who shall serve staggered terms of three years. Board members shall not receive compensation for services rendered as trustees. The museum director is an ex officio member of the board.

2.100.030 Organization of the board of trustees.

A. The board shall elect from its members a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer, who shall hold their offices for one year.

B. The board shall operate under the bylaws of the Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center, Inc.

C. Board meetings shall be held as often as required. An annual business meeting shall be held during the month of January. Once approved by the board, a copy of the board meeting minutes and annual report shall be delivered to the borough clerk for inclusion in the assembly’s next meeting packets.

2.100.040 Board vacancies – Filling vacancies.

A member’s position on the board shall be deemed vacated if the member fails to attend three consecutive meetings without being excused by the board.

All appointments to the board shall be made according to the provisions of HBC 2.60.055. (Ord. 14-01-363 § 8)

2.100.050 Duties and responsibilities of museum board of trustees.

The museum board of trustees shall:

A. Have general responsibility for and authority over all of the physical, fiscal and human resources of the museum (including collections, buildings, grounds and staff), within the limits of funds appropriated by the borough assembly and available from other sources;

B. Submit to the borough manager a detailed and itemized estimate of probable revenues and expenditures for the next fiscal year;

C. Make rules and regulations for the administration and control of the museum;

D. Have authority to allocate borough-appropriated funds for museum staffing within the scope of the collective bargaining agreement with the Local 71 Union;

E. When the position of museum director is vacant and has been properly advertised, review all applications received. The museum board of trustees shall make a recommendation for hire to the mayor. The mayor shall review the board’s recommendation for hire and request confirmation by the borough assembly. The museum director, serving at the direction of the board of trustees, will have the administrative responsibilities of the operation and maintenance of the museum and management of the collection. The director shall work with the Haines Borough manager regarding staff and building matters. (Ord. 05-01-093)