Chapter 2.28


2.28.010    Appointment.

2.28.020    Duties.

2.28.010 Appointment.

There shall be a borough chief fiscal officer, herein called the chief fiscal officer, who shall be appointed by the assembly and shall be the head of the department of finance.

2.28.020 Duties.

The borough chief fiscal officer shall perform the following duties:

A. Have custody of all funds of the borough and deposit the same as directed by the assembly;

B. Sign all checks, warrants and orders for withdrawal of funds after the same shall have been authorized by the assembly;

C. In the absence of the chief fiscal officer or clerk, the mayor, deputy mayor, manager, or attorney may, as authorized by resolution of the assembly, sign such deposits, warrants and checks;

D. Give bond to the borough as the assembly directs;

E. Provide a monthly financial summary to the mayor and manager of all of the financial activities of the borough;

F. Compile the annual budget of the borough;

G. Prepare and submit to the mayor and manager such financial reports as may from time to time be required;

H. Prescribe and control such procedures as are necessary to protect the borough funds and property;

I. Perform such other duties as the code or the manager requires;

J. Keep proper books of accounts including all funds as required by the assembly;

K. Prepare all records for the annual audit and any special audits as may be required;

L. Interface with fund managers appointed by the assembly and assure that funds under their control are being managed in accordance with borough policy.