Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Appointment.

2.32.020    Duties of the borough attorney.

2.32.030    Performing legal services for others.

2.32.040    Borough attorney – Absence – Acting attorney.

2.32.010 Appointment.

There shall be a borough attorney (or firm with responsible party named by said firm) appointed by the assembly which shall be the legal advisor of all officers and employees of the borough with respect to any legal matter affecting the borough’s interests.

2.32.020 Duties of the borough attorney.

Upon request of the borough mayor or manager, the borough attorney shall:

A. Be charged with the performance of all legal services of the borough, including those of legal advisor to the assembly, the mayor, and to all departments and offices of the borough;

B. Upon the request of the borough assembly or manager, take the necessary steps to arrange for the prosecution of violations of the borough ordinances;

C. Represent the borough in all matters, civil and criminal, in which the borough is interested, before any court or tribunal;

D. Draft any ordinance when required by the borough assembly or manager;

E. Perform such other duties as may be required by the borough assembly or the ordinances of the borough;

F. Attend meetings of the borough assembly as directed;

G. Report to the borough assembly promptly all suits brought against the borough;

H. Call to the attention of the borough assembly and the manager all matters of law affecting the borough;

I. Render all opinions in writing, insofar as practicable;

J. Maintain a record of all of his opinions rendered and turn such record over to his successor in office;

K. Appear before the state legislature or any committee thereof, when required by the borough assembly or mayor, and there represent, answer for, defend and advocate the interests and welfare of the borough whenever the same may be directly or incidentally affected.

2.32.030 Performing legal services for others.

The borough attorney’s services shall be on a part-time basis; the borough attorney may accept and perform legal services for others; provided, that such services shall in no way conflict with the performance of the duties as borough attorney.

2.32.040 Borough attorney – Absence – Acting attorney.

During any temporary absence of the borough attorney, the borough attorney, after consulting with the assembly, may designate an acting borough attorney to act with all of the powers, duties and obligations of that office, for a term not to exceed 30 days. In the event the borough attorney is incapacitated or is for any reason unable to make such an appointment, or is absent in excess of 30 days, the assembly shall appoint an acting borough attorney to act with all of the powers, duties and obligations of that office until the borough attorney returns to duty or until the position becomes permanently vacant.