Chapter 2.48


2.48.010    Emergency medical services established.

2.48.020    Director.

2.48.030    Organization.

2.48.040    Duties.

2.48.010 Emergency medical services established.

There is established a company within the fire department for the purpose of providing emergency medical and ambulance service within the authorized area of service, including all areas within the Haines Borough except the area south of the southern boundary line of Township 34 South.

2.48.020 Director.

The fire chief shall be the director, although the chief may appoint a company director and such other personnel as may be necessary and qualified to perform the duties assigned. Paid fire personnel shall be members of the emergency medical services team.

2.48.030 Organization.

The company shall be organized under the fire department and according to the rules, regulations, policies and procedures promulgated and adopted by the department.

2.48.040 Duties.

The responsibilities of the company shall include:

A. Coordination and notification of emergencies, on-call personnel and such other activities as may reasonably be meritorious with the chief of police and the doctor(s) on call;

B. Response and provision for basic emergency medical technician I level services on a 24-hour basis, seven days per week;

C. Maintenance of all equipment, supplies and apparatus in an operational manner at all times;

D. Provision of training to meet acceptable state fire and police standards for certification of technicians and insurance requirement standards;

E. Keeping records as required of training, responses, response time, certifications, equipment inventories and maintenance;

F. Providing a quarterly report to the manager of the company’s activities.