Chapter 2.50


2.50.010    Composition.

2.50.020    Organization.

2.50.030    Vacancies – Filling vacancies.

2.50.040    Duties and responsibilities.

    Code reviser’s note: Ord. 05-05-105 added this chapter as Ch. 2.54. It was editorially renumbered during the 2005 recodification to prevent duplication of chapter numbers.

2.50.010 Composition.

The commission shall consist of five members who shall serve staggered terms of three years. Commission members shall not receive compensation for services rendered. The police chief and the fire chief shall be ex officio members of the commission. Any resident 21 years or older may serve except one employed by the Haines police department within the past two years or one convicted of a felony. (Ord. 05-05-105)

2.50.020 Organization.

A. The commission shall elect a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, and a secretary who shall hold their offices for one year but may be re-elected to the same or other positions.

B. The commission shall initially operate under the provisions of Robert’s Rules of Order but may develop bylaws to reflect unique characteristics of their purpose.

C. Commission meetings shall be held at least once every calendar quarter but may occur more often if a quorum so desires. Once approved by the commission, a copy of the commission meeting minutes shall be delivered to the borough clerk for inclusion in the assembly’s next meeting packets. (Ord. 05-05-105)

2.50.030 Vacancies – Filling vacancies.

A member’s position on the commission shall be deemed vacated if the member fails to attend three consecutive meetings without being excused by the commission. All appointments to the commission shall be made according to the provisions of HBC 2.60.055. (Ord. 14-01-363 § 4; Ord. 05-05-105)

2.50.040 Duties and responsibilities.

The public safety commission shall:

A. Promote positive public relations with police, fire and emergency medical departments.

B. Review police reports to detect trends evident in Haines as portrayed through police statistics and advise the borough assembly on programs addressing these data-based needs.

C. Conduct public hearings, surveys, or ceremonies as requested.

D. Advise the borough assembly with respect to the organizational structure and policies of the police, fire and emergency medical departments.

E. When the position of chief of police is or is about to become vacant and has been properly advertised, review all applications received. The public safety commission shall make a recommendation for hire to the manager. The manager shall, after reviewing all applications, and considering the commission’s recommendation, make his or her hiring decision subject to confirmation by the borough assembly. (Ord. 13-05-325 § 9; Ord. 05-05-105)