Chapter 2.51


2.51.010    Composition.

2.51.020    Organization and meetings.

2.51.030    Appointments and vacancies.

2.51.040    Duties and responsibilities.

2.51.010 Composition.

The code review commission shall serve as advisory to the borough assembly and shall consist of five members, each a resident of the borough as defined in HBC 2.60.020, who shall serve staggered terms of three years. Commission members shall not receive compensation for services rendered. (Ord. 18-03-490 § 4; Ord. 16-05-435 § 4)

2.51.020 Organization and meetings.

A. The borough clerk shall serve as the chair.

B. The commission shall elect a vice-chairperson and a secretary who shall hold their offices for one year but may be reelected to the same or other positions.

C. Commission meetings shall be held as often as necessary and if a quorum so desires. A quorum shall be determined as provided by HBC 2.60.100.

D. The commission may hold public hearings.

E. The commission may establish one or more subcommittees to assist it in the performance of its duties.

F. Meeting notifications and action only minutes shall be according to the provisions of Chapter 2.60 HBC.

G. Subject to appropriation for the purpose, the commission may request the assembly to contract with other persons for the performance of necessary services. (Ord. 18-03-490 § 4; Ord. 16-05-435 § 4)

2.51.030 Appointments and vacancies.

All appointments to the commission shall be made according to the provisions of HBC 2.60.030. The office of a commission member shall become vacant according to the provisions of HBC 2.60.050. Vacancies shall be filled according to the provisions of HBC 2.60.055. (Ord. 18-03-490 § 4; Ord. 16-05-435 § 4)

2.51.040 Duties and responsibilities.

The code review commission shall:

A. Examine Haines Borough Code, Alaska Statutes and judicial decisions to discover defects, anachronisms, inconsistencies and redundancies in the code.

B. Review and consider proposed changes in the code recommended by model municipal codes, the National League of Cities, the publisher of the borough code, and principal departments, agencies, boards, and commissions of the Haines Borough.

C. Receive and consider suggestions from the district court, public officials, organizations, and individuals as to areas of code needing review and possible remedy.

D. Recommend changes in code needed to eliminate antiquated, overly complicated, unnecessary and inadequate provisions and to bring the code into harmony with current needs and conditions, consistent with principles outlined in the Haines Borough Charter.

E. Submit reports and recommendations, and draft ordinances as to revision of code, to the assembly and the borough manager. Each draft submitted by the commission may be accompanied by a sectional analysis. The commission shall prepare any sectional analysis using language that is understandable to a layman.

F. With borough manager approval, the commission may request from borough staff the information and documents the commission considers necessary to the accomplishment of its work. (Ord. 18-03-490 § 4; Ord. 16-05-435 § 4)