Chapter 2.56


2.56.010    Formation.

2.56.011    Tourism advisory board.

2.56.020    Term.

2.56.030    Powers and duties.

2.56.040    Fiscal matters.

2.56.010 Formation.

There shall be a department of tourism headed by a tourism director, appointed by the manager, and provided with a job description and responsibilities. (Ord. 05-03-102)

2.56.011 Tourism advisory board.

There shall be an advisory board known as the tourism advisory board, composed of seven members. The board shall organize itself and function according to the provisions of Chapter 2.60 HBC. All appointments to the board shall be made according to the provisions of HBC 2.60.055. (Ord. 14-01-363 § 5; Ord. 05-03-102)

2.56.020 Term.

A. The term of office of the Haines tourism advisory board members shall be three years.

B. Members shall serve until their successors have been confirmed by the assembly. There shall be no pay for board membership. (Ord. 05-03-102)

2.56.030 Powers and duties.

A. The tourism advisory board shall advise the assembly through the manager on the formulation of policies governing the planning and execution of programs dealing with all phases of tourist promotion and service to tourists.

B. The board shall submit periodic reports to the borough as may be determined by the assembly, but not less than quarterly. (Ord. 05-03-102)

2.56.040 Fiscal matters.

A. The borough may allocate funds from its budget to assist in programs of the tourism department.

B. The department shall submit an annual budget and sources of income for the coming year which shall be approved by the assembly as part of the general fund budget of the borough. (Ord. 05-03-102)