Chapter 2.74


2.74.010    Hiring policy.

2.74.030    Application for employment.

2.74.035    Method of filling vacancies.

2.74.040    Tests.

2.74.050    Minimum age.

2.74.060    Reserved.

2.74.070    Hiring and promotion preference.

2.74.080    Disabilities.

2.74.100    No discrimination.

2.74.010 Hiring policy.

Hiring of borough employees shall be made on the basis of qualification. (Ord. 17-10-480 § 4)

2.74.030 Application for employment.

All applications for employment shall be made to the clerk and shall be submitted on a form prepared by the clerk and approved by the manager. (Ord. 17-10-480 § 4)

2.74.035 Method of filling vacancies.

A. Generally. Whenever a new position is created or a vacancy occurs in an existing position, unless the position is abolished or is filled by promotion pursuant to subsection (B) of this section, the clerk shall advertise for applications for the position to be filled for at least one week in a newspaper of general circulation in the borough and/or post for at least one week in three public places and on the borough website. If, in the opinion of the person or group responsible for hiring, none of the applicants are qualified to fill the vacant position, the clerk may re-advertise for the position and delay hiring to fill the vacancy, or may request a special hire.

1. Regular Employees. On the deadline for applications, the clerk shall prepare and submit to the department head a list of applicants along with the applications. If it is found that there are qualified applicants, the department head shall short-list, interview and make a hire recommendation to the manager.

2. Borough Officers. On the deadline for applications, the clerk shall prepare a list of applicants along with the applications and submit them to the assembly. If it is found that there are qualified applicants, the assembly shall short-list, interview and hire the most qualified person with the best qualifications.

3. Department Heads. On the deadline for applications the clerk shall prepare and submit to the manager a list of applicants along with their applications. If it is found that there are qualified applicants, the manager shall short-list, interview and hire the person with the best qualifications. All department head appointments are subject to confirmation by the assembly (Charter 5.03).

4. Seasonal Employees. The hiring of seasonal employees shall follow the standard requirements for regular employees, except that if, at the recommendation of the department head, it is desired to rehire previously employed seasonal personnel for the same position, no advertisement shall be necessary.

5. Special or Emergency Hires. The manager may hire persons to fill positions arising from a situation requiring such temporary hiring without going through the advertising procedures. Emergency or special situations are as declared by the mayor whenever, in the mayor’s opinion, such a declaration is in the borough’s interest.

a. Special hires shall submit a completed employment application form to the clerk before commencing work, and the chief fiscal officer shall be notified.

b. Positions filled by the manager in emergency or special situations shall not exceed 90 calendar days.

6. If an employee, other than a borough officer or department head, terminates employment with the borough within six months of hire, and in the opinion of the manager other qualified persons have applications on file for that position, no advertisement shall be required and hiring may take place from those applications on file, following the procedures set forth above.

B. Appointment by Promotion. To provide for continuity when an employee is uniquely qualified and experienced to fill a vacancy, the borough manager may recommend promotion of the person to the position without competitive recruitment. Promotion to a borough officer position shall be by assembly appointment. Promotion to a department head position shall be by manager appointment with assembly confirmation.

1. “Promotion” means the movement of an employee from one position to another related position in a higher classification or salary range without a break in service.

2. “Related position” means a position requiring similar, but progressively greater, knowledge, skills, certifications, and abilities in order to perform the higher level duties.

3. “Uniquely qualified and experienced” means the employee has been serving as a deputy, apprentice, or assistant to the higher level position. In such cases, the borough has progressively invested in specific trainings and certifications. There is an expectation the employee will periodically assume, in an acting capacity, responsibility for the higher level duties.

4. Employees may be promoted only when the employee has met the minimum qualifications of the higher position and the employee’s performance evaluations merit the promotion.

5. Promoted employees must serve a new probationary period of at least six months.

6. Advertising. A public notice in substantially the following form shall be published at least once:


The Haines Borough plans to fill the position of <job title> by promotion of <name of employee> as permitted under HBC 2.74.035(B). Questions about this action should be directed to the Borough Manager prior to <date>.

(Ord. 17-10-480 § 4; Ord. 17-07-462 § 4)

2.74.040 Tests.

Before appointment, each applicant shall take such tests of the applicant’s qualifications as the personnel officer may consider appropriate. (Ord. 17-10-480 § 4)

2.74.050 Minimum age.

Minimum age for borough employment shall be in accordance with state law. (Ord. 17-10-480 § 4)

2.74.060 Reserved.

Reserved. (Ord. 17-10-480 § 4)

2.74.070 Hiring and promotion preference.

Other qualifications being equal, preference in employment shall be given first to borough employees and then to residents of the Haines Borough. When considering all applicants, other qualifications being equal, veterans, as defined by state law, shall be preferred for employment. (Ord. 17-10-480 § 4)

2.74.080 Disabilities.

Employment of qualified persons with disabilities is encouraged. (Ord. 17-10-480 § 4)

2.74.100 No discrimination.

There shall be no discrimination in the employment procedure, including appointment, promotion, demotion, suspension or removal for racial, sexual, political, national origin, religious or other nonmerit reasons. (Ord. 17-10-480 § 4)