Chapter 2.78


2.78.010    Borough travel expenses.

2.78.020    Actual expenses.

2.78.030    Convention registration fees.

2.78.040    Repealed.

2.78.010 Borough travel expenses.

Elected officials, personnel, or others representing the Haines Borough, while traveling on official borough business and away from their designated post or areas of duty, shall be entitled to:

A. Meal Per Diem. Meal allowance shall not exceed $50.00 per day and shall accrue pursuant to administrative policy.

B. Reasonable Lodging. Such reasonableness shall be determined by the manager.

C. Transportation to and from Destination.

1. Ticketed transportation, including ferry and/or coach-class airplane; or

2. Use of borough-owned vehicle; or

3. Use of private vehicle in lieu of tickets.

a. Mileage Rate. The business mileage rate is as specified annually by the I.R.S.

b. Reimbursement for actual costs of ferry fare, bridge, road and tunnel tolls shall be granted.

c. Where two or more people are traveling in the same direction, and it is possible to share a privately owned automobile or airplane, the mileage permitted shall be allowed for only one.

d. Where private vehicle mileage and related meal per diem are chosen by the employee or representative over the cost of air travel and related meal per diem for the same trip, the borough shall pay the lesser of mileage and meal per diem expenses paid at the business mileage rate as specified annually by the I.R.S., or the cost of airfare and related meal per diem.

e. Unless specifically required by the borough that a private vehicle be used, and where private vehicle mileage and related per diem are chosen by the employee over the cost of air travel and related per diem for the same trip, travel and related per diem expenses will be paid for at whichever method is the most cost effective to the borough.

D. Transportation While at the Destination.

1. Common Carrier or Taxi. The borough shall reimburse for the reasonable transportation costs incurred during borough travel. Such reasonableness shall be determined by the borough manager.

2. Rental Car. If the use of a rental car is justified and approved by the manager, the borough will reimburse the employee or representative for the cost of an appropriately sized rental car plus the cost of fuel for a reasonable number of miles based upon the required use for borough business. The borough employee or representative shall be responsible for all parking fees and tolls, and all violations while driving a rental car including fines and expenses. Any rented vehicle must be returned to the rental company with a full fuel tank. No reimbursement for fuel replaced by the rental company will be reimbursed to the employee.

Actual and reasonable expenses in excess of the above may be reimbursed upon manager approval. (Ord. 17-07-461 § 4)

2.78.020 Actual expenses.

In particular cases, when traveling on official business, actual expenses will be allowed upon proper documentation in lieu of per diem if requested by the employee and authorized by the manager.

2.78.030 Convention registration fees.

In addition to the per diem allowance, the actual registration fee (not including meals, lodging, entertainment or similar costs) charged at a convention or conference will be paid for by the borough.

2.78.040 Reserved.

Repealed by Ord. 17-07-461.