Chapter 2.80


2.80.010    Objectives.

2.80.020    Grades.

2.80.030    Steps.

2.80.040    Assignment of positions to grades and steps.

2.80.050    Step increases.

2.80.055    Step decreases.

2.80.060    Merit increases.

2.80.070    Promotions.

2.80.010 Objectives.

The grade/step plan is designed to:

A. Establish the framework for equal pay for work similar in nature, responsibility or difficulty;

B. Provide a means of rewarding borough employees for continued good or outstanding service;

C. Establish rates of pay which compare favorably with those of other public and private employees in the area;

D. Provide administrative flexibility in recognizing differences among employees whose position are allocated to the same grade and in meeting conditions requiring rate adjustment.

2.80.020 Grades.

Levels of work identified for borough service shall be assigned a grade level based on the type of work performed, its responsibilities and difficulty, the minimum qualifications in experience or education and the equivalent rate of pay in the same or similar position in other government employment and industry in the area.

2.80.030 Steps.

There is a starting step (step A) and 13 additional increments in the plan (steps B through N). Each of the first nine increases (steps B through J) shall be $0.60 per hour, the remaining four shall be three and one-half percent of the hourly wage and the employee shall be eligible for these increases on the second, fourth, seventh and tenth anniversaries of the employee entering Step J, but only if pay increases are funded. The chief fiscal officer shall prepare, maintain and administer a step chart for all positions based on a resolution adopted by the borough at the beginning of each fiscal year.

2.80.040 Assignment of positions to grades and steps.

Pay grade and step positions will be assigned in the rate of pay schedule provided, with the approval of the manager, as follows:

A. Department Heads Responsible. The department heads shall be responsible for assignment of positions to the appropriate grade and making reassignment of positions when changes and responsibilities justify such action;

B. Employee Requests for Changes. Employees’ requests for change in position classification shall be forwarded to their respective department head;

C. Budget Consideration. Annual budget planning shall give consideration to possible revision and amendment of the pay plan;

D. Normal Starting Rate. The minimum step of each grade shall be the normal starting rate;

E. Starting Above Grade or Step. Appointments may be made above the minimum step in cases where candidates possess special skills and training or whose experience warrants employment at a higher rate;

F. Above Grade Appointments for Training. Employees may be assigned to duties of a higher classification for purposes of training or demonstration of skill up to a period of six months without change of classification for pay purposes;

G. Hourly Rates. In the case of part-time, intermittent, or temporary employment, the manager may designate an hourly rate not consistent with the grade and step plan;

H. Filling a Position Temporarily. A department head may recommend reimbursement at a higher rate of pay where an employee temporarily fills a position higher than his normal grade step.

2.80.050 Step increases.

Step increases in rate of pay shall not be automatic upon completion of a specific period of service, but are based upon satisfactory performance, as reviewed by the department head. Annual review of employee performance should be made prior to March 1st of each year. This review shall be made to determine eligibility for increase in rate of pay to the next higher step within the established range for the grade, such increase to be approved by the assembly, to be effective as of July 1st of the calendar year in which the personnel review is conducted.

2.80.055 Step decreases.

The manager or department head may decrease the employee’s position on the step chart if performance is unsatisfactory.

2.80.060 Merit increases.

Merit increases may be made at any time to recognize outstanding performance of duty based on written recommendations of the department head and approved by the assembly.

2.80.070 Promotions.

In the case of promotion (the advance of an employee from one grade to another grade having a higher maximum rate of pay limit), the salary of the employee promoted shall be increased to the next higher step that is nearest to, but not less than, the employee’s rate before promotion.