Chapter 2.84


2.84.010    Personal leave accrual.

2.84.020    Personal leave use.

2.84.030    Accumulation limit.

2.84.040    Personal leave cash in.

2.84.050    Donating personal leave.

2.84.060    Leave records.

Prior legislation: Ords. 11-03-258 and 12-04-285.

2.84.010 Personal leave accrual.

A. Regular, nonseasonal employees shall accrue personal leave on a proportionate basis according to the hours they are scheduled to work based on the following rate for a 40-hour work week:

0 – 3 years

160 hours per year

4 – 6 years

200 hours per year

7 – 9 years

240 hours per year

10 or more years

256 hours per year

B. In determining years of service for the purpose of computing personal leave, all eligible service with the borough shall be included. For employees working less than 40 hours per week, one year equals 2,080 hours worked.

C. Accrual rate changes will become effective the first day of the month following the pay period in which the employee completes the service requirement and becomes eligible for the higher accrual rate.

D. Personal leave accrual for partial pay periods of service will be prorated.

E. An employee appointed for a position of temporary nature shall not accrue personal leave.

F. Personal leave will not accrue while an employee is on leave-without-pay status. (Ord. 15-07-417 § 7)

2.84.020 Personal leave use.

A. Accrued personal leave is available for use after an employee has completed 30 continuous calendar days of employment.

B. Saturdays, Sundays and paid borough holidays will not be considered as time taken on personal leave, but only regular work days will be counted as days taken.

C. Employees shall request personal leave as far in advance as reasonably possible.

D. Personal leave may be scheduled when business permits, with the prior approval of the employee’s immediate supervisor.

1. Requests for personal leave will not be unreasonably denied.

2. Once leave has been approved, the approval may not be rescinded unless the borough manager declares that a situation exists which requires the employee’s presence on the job. In such cases, the borough will take into consideration reasonable costs associated with canceled travel and may elect to reimburse all or part of the cost.

3. An employee who is unable to report for work without prior approval shall report the reasons for the absence to the employee’s supervisor within two hours from the time the employee was expected to report to work. Failure to comply with this requirement shall prohibit leave with pay for this absence. Supervisors may consider statements explaining situations beyond the employee’s control and may require a written statement from a physician to substantiate claims of illness.

4. Each borough department manager or director shall establish policies and procedures which will allow all employees to schedule and take accrued personal leave.

E. Mandatory Time Off. During their first full year of employment and each year thereafter, employees who accrue personal leave shall take at least 10 days off per fiscal year, five of which must be taken consecutively, unless otherwise approved by the manager.

F. Salaried Exempt Employees. For salaried exempt employees, any day in which the employee works less than four hours shall be considered a day of leave. The borough manager may waive this requirement in situations where a salaried employee coordinates in advance with the manager, or has worked more than 50 hours in a week, or in situations beyond the employee’s control. The manager may require a written statement from a physician to substantiate claims of illness.

G. An employee who fails to return from leave under this chapter within the scheduled time period shall be presumed to have resigned unless the employee has requested and been granted leave for an additional period, or the employee’s supervisor is notified of extenuating circumstances. (Ord. 15-07-417 § 7. Formerly 2.84.060)

2.84.030 Accumulation limit.

Personal leave accrued but not used shall accumulate to a maximum of 480 hours. (Ord. 15-07-417 § 7. Formerly 2.84.120)

2.84.040 Personal leave cash in.

A. Personal leave will not be cashed in for employees terminating within 30 days of hire.

B. After 12 months of continuous service, an employee may cash in up to 40 hours of personal leave two times per fiscal year, provided the employee shall retain a minimum of 80 hours of leave in the employee’s account.

C. Requests for cashing in leave must be submitted by October 31st to be paid with the November 30th payroll or by April 30th to be paid with the May 31st payroll.

D. Accrued personal leave shall be paid to employees who terminate service, based on the employee’s salary on the date of termination. (Ord. 15-07-417 § 7. Formerly 2.84.130)

2.84.050 Donating personal leave.

A. Employees shall be allowed to donate personal leave and receive personal leave from borough employees subject to the following conditions:

1. An employee wishing to donate personal leave shall fill out, date, and sign a leave request showing the hours of personal leave the employee wishes to donate in increments subject to a minimum of four hours and the name of the recipient.

2. The borough shall convert the donated leave hours to dollars at the regular (annualized) hourly rate of the donor. The dollars shall be converted to hours of leave at the regular (annualized) hourly rate of the recipient, and the resulting number of hours shall be added to the recipient’s donated leave account for use in accordance with the requirements in subsection (A)(5) of this section. The total amount of leave credited to the recipient’s donated leave account shall not exceed 300 hours.

3. After the donation has been transferred to the recipient’s account, the donation cannot be withdrawn, modified or otherwise returned to the donor’s account.

4. Donations of leave under this section shall not reduce the mandatory leave usage requirements.

5. Donated leave may not be used unless and until all accrued personal leave has been exhausted. Upon termination, any balance in the donated leave account shall be canceled without pay. Upon the death of an employee, the balance of the donated leave account will be paid to the employee’s beneficiaries at the employee’s regular hourly rate. Leave may be donated to other borough regular employees only for catastrophic events, unforeseen emergencies/circumstances or illnesses. Donating personal leave for payment of services or purchases or in lieu of cash transactions is expressly prohibited.

B. Accounting of donated personal leave shall be expended within the budget allocation of the department of the donor employee.

C. An employee shall not accrue personal leave while on donated leave.

D. The borough shall provide health insurance to an employee on donated personal leave as would otherwise be provided. (Ord. 15-07-417 § 7. Formerly 2.86.090)

2.84.060 Leave records.

A. The chief fiscal officer shall maintain the leave records for all employees.

B. Confidentiality. Medical information received by the borough as a result of an employment requirement, as well as any medical information voluntarily disclosed by an employee, is a confidential medical record subject to release only in accordance with applicable law. (Ord. 15-07-417 § 7. Formerly 2.84.170)