Chapter 2.92


2.92.010    Health insurance.

2.92.020    Duty of employee to report.

2.92.030    Workers’ compensation.

2.92.040    Volunteer and auxiliary personnel.

2.92.010 Health insurance.

A. Except where a collective bargaining agreement provides otherwise, regular, full-time employees whose position is regularly scheduled for 30 or more hours of work each week shall be eligible for a health benefit contribution from the employer.

B. The mayor and members of the assembly may enroll in the borough’s health insurance plan with the borough paying the same monthly co-pay amount as set forth in the collective bargaining agreement with borough employees. (Ord. 15-07-417 § 10; Ord. 07-09-168; Ord. 04-07-067)

2.92.020 Duty of employee to report.

It shall be the duty of each employee to immediately report any and all accidents to the employee’s immediate superior.

2.92.030 Workers’ compensation.

Employees shall be provided workers’ compensation as required by Alaska Statutes.

2.92.040 Volunteer and auxiliary personnel.

Volunteer and auxiliary police officers and firefighters who receive injuries while performing for the borough are insured through workers’ compensation, based on the starting salary for a paid patrolman or firefighter.