Chapter 2.98


2.98.010    Department established.

2.98.020    Library director.

2.98.030    Duties and responsibilities of department.

2.98.040    Library advisory board established.

2.98.050    Board composition and terms.

2.98.060    Board structure.

2.98.010 Department established.

There is established a library department which shall manage and operate the borough public library. The department shall have jurisdiction over all equipment, collections, and persons within and using the borough’s library facilities. (Ord. 14-12-394 § 4)

2.98.020 Library director.

A. The library director shall be the head of the library department. The library director is appointed by the manager with the approval of both the library board and assembly. The director may be terminated by the manager only for just cause.

B. The library director shall carry out the duties and responsibilities of the public library department under the supervision of the library board and control of the borough manager.

C. The library director shall select personnel to serve as employees of the department, but all such appointments and the number thereof shall require prior approval by the manager.

D. The library director shall approve departmental expenditures in accordance with HBC 2.98.030(D). (Ord. 14-12-394 § 4)

2.98.030 Duties and responsibilities of department.

The library department, through the library director, shall have the duty and responsibility:

A. To plan, manage, improve, operate and maintain the library facility;

B. To enforce policies, rules and regulations adopted by the board relating to equipment, collections, and persons within the jurisdiction of the department;

C. To recommend rules and regulations to the board to facilitate the planning, management, operation and maintenance of the borough’s library facility;

D. To make recommendations to the board with regard to the annual budget and capital improvement plan of the library department; and

E. To perform related duties, as assigned. (Ord. 14-12-394 § 4)

2.98.040 Library advisory board established.

There is established an advisory board known as the library advisory board which shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

A. The board is authorized to adopt policies, rules and regulations regarding the planning, management, operation and maintenance of the borough’s public library.

B. The board shall review the performance of the library director on an annual basis and provide the results of that review to the borough manager and review applications for library director, interview candidates with a hiring committee, and make a recommendation for hire to the borough manager.

C. The board shall approve a proposed budget, appropriation request, and capital improvement plan on an annual basis and cause same to be timely delivered to the manager and review, investigate and make recommendations on any further matter referred by the borough assembly or manager. (Ord. 14-12-394 § 4)

2.98.050 Board composition and terms.

The library advisory board shall consist of nine members who shall serve staggered terms of three years. The board shall organize itself and function according to the provisions of Chapter 2.60 HBC. All appointments to the board shall be made according to the provisions of HBC 2.60.030. The library director shall be an ex officio member of the board. Members shall serve until their successors have been confirmed by the assembly. There shall be no pay for board membership. (Ord. 14-12-394 § 4. Formerly 2.98.020)

2.98.060 Board structure.

A. The board shall, by majority vote, elect from its members a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a secretary, and a treasurer.

1. The chairperson shall preside at board meetings, set meeting agendas, and attest to approved minutes. The chairperson shall vote in the same manner and with the same restrictions as other board members and shall be counted for quorum purposes.

2. In the absence of the chairperson, the vice-chairperson shall assume the chairperson’s duties.

B. The library director, or the library director’s designee, shall give notice of board meetings to each board member, attend board meetings, assure minutes of the meetings are taken, and serve as staff resource to the board. The library director shall not vote on any matter before the board. (Ord. 14-12-394 § 4. Formerly 2.98.030)