Chapter 5.16


5.16.010    Prohibition.

5.16.020    Sales tax.

5.16.010 Prohibition.

A. In accordance with AS 05.15.124, all operators (defined at AS 05.15.690(31)) of gaming activities regulated under AS 05.15 are prohibited from conducting gaming activities within the borough.

B. Except as provided in this subsection, no holder of a permit issued under AS 05.15 may conduct a permitted activity within the borough unless that permittee contributes at least 50 percent of the permittee’s ideal profit to local nonprofit organizations.

The only exception to the requirement of this subsection is an organization which plans to operate through an established Haines chapter of the same organization. (Example: Alaska State Association of Emblem Clubs through the Haines Emblem Club.)

C. Ideal Profit Defined. For pull tabs, “ideal profit” means the total amount of moneys that would be received if every individual pull tab ticket in the series was sold at face value, less the total predetermined prize amounts available to be paid out in the series. For raffles, “ideal profit” means the total amount of moneys received for ticket sales, less the total value of prizes paid out.

5.16.020 Sales tax.

All compensation received by a person as a result of a contract with a holder of a permit issued under AS 05.15 and related to the location or operation of authorized gaming activities within the borough shall be subject to the sales tax levied at HBC 3.80.030, regardless of how the compensation is designated.