Chapter 5.22


5.22.010    Permit required.

5.22.020    Number of permits available.

5.22.030    Application process.

5.22.040    Parking area management.

5.22.050    Revocation or suspension.

5.22.010 Permit required.

No person shall operate, park, stand, or stop a commercial vehicle within the designated parking area at the Port Chilkoot Dock or other public areas as designated by the borough assembly, except as authorized by a parking permit issued under this chapter and the procedures specified in Chapter 5.04 HBC.

A. An applicant for a commercial passenger or tour vehicle parking permit must possess a valid current commercial tour permit for the tour or tours the applicant offers.

B. A permit applicant must show evidence that use of the permit will be limited to transportation of goods or passengers to or from cruise ships or to provide other commercial passenger transportation services. Such evidence shall be a contract for the presale of tours on board a cruise ship or a description of the transportation service to be provided.

C. A permitted vehicle may use designated commercial vehicle parking areas at times when cruise ships are not in port; provided, that such use involves the provision of passenger tour services. A permitted vehicle is not allowed to use commercial vehicle parking areas when not engaged in a commercial tour activity.

D. Enforcement of the parking provisions in this chapter shall be in effect between May 1st and October 1st of each year. (Ord. 14-03-371 § 7)

5.22.020 Number of permits available.

The borough may limit the number of permits available. Renewal of existing permits by operators who have not had their permit revoked for failure to comply with this chapter shall have priority over new or expanded commercial tour or passenger vehicle parking permit applications. The clerk will determine the number of parking permit vacancies available and allow new applicants to apply based on their position on a waiting list maintained by the clerk. (Ord. 18-09-512 § 37)

5.22.030 Application process.

Application for a commercial passenger or tour vehicle parking permit or renewal of a current parking permit shall be made according to this chapter and the procedures set out in Chapter 5.18 HBC. (Ord. 18-09-512 § 38)

5.22.040 Parking area management.

A. The borough, in cooperation with commercial vehicle owners, shall establish an operating plan for the use of commercial vehicle parking and staging areas of the Port Chilkoot Dock and other areas delineated for commercial tour and passenger vehicle loading, unloading and parking. The operating plan may be amended as necessary to assure the safe and orderly operation of commercial vehicles and commercial vehicle parking areas, and to meet the purposes of this title.

B. All operators of commercial vehicles shall comply with the operating plan as a condition of receiving and maintaining in effect a commercial passenger or tour vehicle parking permit.

C. Permit Display Required. Parking permits shall be displayed in the lower right corner of the front windshield of the vehicle, or as otherwise specified by the manager.

D. Operations to Be Efficient. Goods, passengers, and vehicles shall be staged so as to minimize vehicular standing time. No vehicle shall be present in the parking area except as reasonably necessary for loading, staging, or unloading of goods or passengers.

E. Commercial Vehicles Shall Be Attended. During passenger loading operations, the driver of a vehicle must remain with the vehicle or in the vicinity of the parking area. Staging of vehicles prior to passenger loading is allowed without individual vehicle drivers attending each vehicle; provided, that staging is done according to the operating plan and a driver or drivers are available to move staged vehicles if necessary.

F. Signage. A permittee may use a sign no larger than four square feet to direct customers to commercial vehicles. Signs must be portable and shall be removed from the designated area upon departure of the tour. Signs may not block pedestrian or vehicle access areas.

G. Exempted Vehicles. Vehicles exempt from permit requirements include borough vehicles, public safety vehicles, vehicles needed in case of emergency, utility vehicles, or private vehicles allowed by special use permit. Special use permits shall be issued by the manager as required for short-term parking under special circumstances.

H. Prohibited Vehicles. Unless exempted under this chapter, vehicles not displaying a current parking permit issued by the borough are prohibited from using permit parking areas.

I. Parking Area Defined. The requirements of this chapter shall apply within the parking area south of the Port Chilkoot Dock approach dock and east of Beach Road, and within such other areas as may be designated by the borough manager.

J. Except for a sign allowed under this chapter, a permittee shall not display any sales material such as brochures, handbills, or sales notices outside the area identified in the operating plan for independent tour operators. Sales methods shall be in accordance with the tour operator code of conduct.

K. Shuttle, Taxi, Courtesy Vans and Private Vehicles. Shuttle, taxi, courtesy vans and private vehicles are allowed to pick up in the designated loading zone. Vehicles may not be left unattended, may not block traffic and may be waiting a maximum of 15 minutes. (Ord. 18-09-512 § 39)

5.22.050 Revocation or suspension.

A commercial passenger or tour vehicle parking permit may be revoked or suspended in accordance with HBC 5.04.120.