Chapter 12.30


12.30.010    Definitions.

12.30.020    Borough parks.

12.30.030    Regulations.

12.30.010 Definitions.

“Camping” is the presence of any person sleeping in any motor vehicle or camper unit between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m., or sleeping on the ground, with or without any shelter, sleeping pad, etc., between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m., on any land owned or controlled by the borough.

“Park” is a park, reservation, playground, beach, recreation area, scenic area, or any other area of the borough, owned or controlled by the borough, and devoted to active or passive recreation. (Ord. 17-01-448 § 4)

12.30.020 Borough parks.

The following properties are designated as Haines Borough parks:

A. Tlingit Park: Plat 2006-16, Lot 1, 3.93 acres.

B. Picture Point Park Uplands: Lot 4, Nukdik Point View Sub. Plat 2013-5, 4.55 acres.

C. Picture Point Park Tidelands (see Chapter 12.40 HBC).

D. Lookout Park: Block Q, Mission Subdivision, 0.64 acres.

E. Oslund Park (ballfields and skate park): Lot 6 USS 785, 4.9 acres.

F. Emerson Field Park: T28S, R55E, S26, Tract A. 3-MLR-00-0900, 5.34 acres.

G. George Mark Park: a southern portion of Lot 1 Block 3 in the Haines Townsite, adjoining Main Street and Third Ave., from which the point of beginning is the southeast property corner of Lot 1, where the width of the lot is 49 feet and the length is 33 feet, containing 0.037 acres more or less.

H. Library Totem Park (Ax’ Shtudatoowu Daaka Hidi): Lots 6, 7, 8, Block 6. C-MIS-06-0100, 0.54 acres.

I. Carr’s Cove Park: Lots 1, 2, 3 of Carr’s Cove Subdivision, 4.11 acres.

J. Skyline Park: Lot 15 Block C Skyline Subdivision, 1.4 acres.

K. Overlook Park: Lot 13 Block B Skyline Subdivision, 2.3 acres. (Ord. 17-01-448 § 4)

12.30.030 Regulations.

A. Camping is prohibited except during special events approved by the borough manager.

B. Camp fires may only be made in fire rings provided by the borough.

C. Cutting standing trees, either live or dead, is prohibited.

Signage shall be posted in a conspicuous place at each park to inform the public of the regulations.

A violation of these regulations shall be considered a minor offense. Subsections (B) and (C) of this section are punishable by fines set forth in HBC 1.24.040. (Ord. 18-01-486 § 4; Ord. 17-01-448 § 4)