Chapter 14.34


14.34.010    Method of sale.

14.34.020    Repealed.

14.34.030    Violations.

14.34.040    Proceeds of permits.

14.34.050    Application.

14.34.060    Rules and regulations – Special conditions.

14.34.065    Timber sales.

14.34.010 Method of sale.

A. A permit provided by the Haines Borough must be obtained prior to cutting firewood on borough lands. The permit fee is $25.00.

B. Permits allow cutting up to 10 cords of wood over a one-year period for personal use.

C. The Haines Borough reserves the right to deny the permit to any individual if it is in the interest of the borough to do so.

14.34.020 Procedures.

Repealed by Ord. 15-06-413.

14.34.030 Violations.

A. The following acts are minor offenses under this chapter:

1. Cutting for firewood any timber that is not already dead or downed.

2. Cutting firewood for other than personal use.

3. Using mechanical means other than chainsaws and vehicles to cut firewood.

B. The taking of any wood that is green and standing, no matter what it is used for, is considered a trespass. The penalty for taking green standing timber is $1,000 plus triple stumpage, which may be collected in a civil action whether or not the violator is cited for a violation of this chapter. (Ord. 15-06-413 § 40)

14.34.040 Proceeds of permits.

The proceeds from permits will be used to defray tax assessment expenses.

14.34.050 Application.

An application for cutting firewood shall be provided by the assessor and/or land manager.

14.34.060 Rules and regulations – Special conditions.

A. The removal of timber from borough land to be used for firewood will be in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations codified in this chapter.

B. The following special conditions will apply:

1. Cut only dead or downed timber.

2. All portions suitable for firewood, of any tree standing or down which is cut for firewood, will be completely removed. No waste will be tolerated.

3. All stumps resulting from firewood cutting will not exceed a height of 12 inches above the ground.

4. All wood cutting will be carried on in a manner that will not interfere with other authorized operations.

5. Extreme caution will be taken at all times to prevent the obstruction or littering of any public road or highway, any private road, or other main road providing access to borough land during or as a result of any operations necessary for the removal of firewood.

14.34.065 Timber sales.

A. The removal of timber from borough land shall be allowed within the following guidelines:

1. Sales shall be selective cut only.

a. Selective cut shall be defined as: removal of mature timber, usually the oldest or largest trees, either as single scattered trees or in small groups at relatively short intervals, commonly five to 20 years, repeated indefinitely, by means of which the continuous establishment of natural reproduction is encouraged and an uneven-aged stand is maintained.

2. Sales shall be proposed by application to the Haines Borough land manager or the Haines Borough planning commission or Haines Borough assembly.

3. Proposed sales shall be reviewed by the Haines Borough planning commission and must be approved by the Haines Borough assembly prior to sale. A proposed sale shall be considered only if it is designated as in the best interest of Haines Borough.

4. Selective timber harvests may be prepared with project design and specifications completed by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry at the direction of the Haines Borough assembly.

a. All sales shall be prepared and conducted in accordance with AS 38.05 and 11 AAC 71, state of Alaska guidelines governing the sale of timber.

b. The Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry professional costs for services rendered to the borough in this capacity may be justly compensated through the terms of the sale.

5. Sales shall be administered so as not to lower the value of the underlying property.

6. All sales shall be by the sealed competitive bid process pursuant to applicable borough code, with over-the-counter sales allowed only after the timber is first offered at sealed competitive bid and no bids are received.

7. The borough land manager shall administer the timber sale through the sealed competitive bid process for those lands which the assembly and Alaska State Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry have determined shall be disposed of in that manner.