Chapter 15.16


15.16.005    Area of authority.

15.16.010    Liquefied petroleum gases handbook.

15.16.020    Crash post minimums.

15.16.005 Area of authority.

The provisions of this chapter apply to all areas of the borough.

15.16.010 Liquefied petroleum gases handbook.

There is adopted by the assembly, for the purpose of prescribing regulations governing conditions hazardous to life and property from the use or storage of liquefied petroleum gases, that certain handbook known as the “Liquefied Petroleum Gases Handbook,” Wilbur L. Walls, Editor, NFPA 58-1986 Edition (National Fire Protection Association, Quincy Massachusetts) and subsequent editions.

15.16.020 Crash post minimums.

Any fixed pressurized gas container exposed to any road or alleyway shall have protective barricades to the specifications below if it is within 10 feet of the roadway. A crash post shall:

A. Be not less than four inches in diameter;

B. Be constructed of steel or reinforced concrete;

C. Be placed on no more than four foot centers;

D. Be placed not less than six inches from the edge of the tank;

E. Extend at least three feet under ground;

F. Extend at least three feet above ground;

G. Be protected on all sides of a tank which are exposed to a roadway or other vehicle access.