Chapter 1.05


1.05.010    City boundaries designated.

1.05.010 City boundaries designated.

Alaska Tidelands Survey 612 and the legal description stated in the Order Declaring Corporation of the City of Homer, dated March 31, 1964, and recorded in Book 32, Page 169 of the Homer Recording District Office, and the legal description of the Corporate Boundaries of the City of Homer including approximately 4.58 square miles annexed to the City of Homer effective March 20, 2002, and recorded in the Homer Recording District: 309-Homer, as serial number 2002-001430-0 dated April 3, 2002, are incorporated in this section by this reference as the boundaries of the City of Homer. [Ord. 02-08(A), 2002; Ord. 84-25 § 2, 1984].