Chapter 2.04


2.04.010    Appointment.

2.04.020    Duties and powers.

2.04.030    Interference in administration and elections.

2.04.040    Ineligible persons.

Prior legislation: Ord. 1-100.4.

2.04.010 Appointment.

a. The City Manager shall be appointed by the City Council as provided for under the statutes of the State of Alaska.

b. The City Manager shall annually appoint, subject to City Council confirmation, an acting City Manager who shall assume the duties and powers of the City Manager in his absence. The City Council may revoke the confirmation at any time. [Ord. 89-23(S) § 2, 1989. Code 1967 § 3-300.1; Code 1981 § 1.20.010].

2.04.020 Duties and powers.

The duties and powers of the City Manager shall be as follows:

a. He is the executive and administrative officer of the City.

b. He shall administer the affairs of all City departments.

c. He shall devote his time to the discharge of his official duties, attend all meetings of the Council unless excused therefrom by the Mayor or Council, and keep the Council advised at all times of the affairs and needs of the City.

d. He shall make recommendations to the Council as he considers expedient or necessary and once a year he shall present a detailed statement of what he has done during the year covered by the report.

e. He shall prepare and recommend to the Council an annual budget.

f. He shall execute and enforce ordinances and resolutions of the City, administer all contracts entered into by the City and see that provisions of all franchises, permits, leases, and privileges granted by the City are observed.

g. He shall appoint and remove the heads of all departments, boards, bureaus and all other officers and employees of the City, except the City Attorney, who shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Council, and he shall have supervision and control over them and their work with power to transfer an employee from one department to the other. He shall supervise all other City departments to the end of obtaining the utmost efficiency in each of them.

h. He shall supervise the operation of all public utilities owned and operated by the City and shall have general supervision of all City-owned property.

i. He shall act as purchasing agent for all City departments, subject to provisions of the annual budget. All purchases shall be made by requisition approved by him.

j. He shall take part in and may enter into all discussions by the City Council but shall have no vote.

k. Before assuming office he shall take an oath to faithfully discharge the duties of his office and furnish a bond in such sum as the Council by resolution shall require. Cost of such bond shall be paid by the City. [Ord. 90-6 § 3, 1990; Ord. 85-35 § 1, 1985; Ord. 83-16(S) § 1, 1983. Code 1967 § 3-300.2; Code 1981 § 1.20.020].

2.04.030 Interference in administration and elections.

No member of the Council shall directly or indirectly, by suggestion or otherwise, attempt to influence or coerce the Manager in the making of any appointment or removal of any officer or employee or in the purchase of supplies, or attempt to exact any promise relative to any appointment from any candidate for Manager; or discuss directly or indirectly with him the matter of any specific appointment to any City office or employment, or to give orders directly to any officer or employee or to deal with the Manager individually and not by the Council as a body. Nothing in this section shall be construed, however, as prohibiting the Council while in open session from fully and freely discussing with or suggesting to the Manager anything pertaining to City affairs or the interests of the City. [Ord. 17-17 § 1, 2017. Code 1967 § 3-300.3; Code 1981 § 1.20.030].

2.04.040 Ineligible persons.

No person related to the Manager by consanguinity or affinity within the third degree shall hold any appointive office or employment with the City except by approval of the Council. [Code 1967 § 3-300.4; Code 1981 § 1.20.040].


For statutory provisions authorizing cities to adopt a manager plan, see AS 29.20.460; for provisions regulating the appointment of a manager by the city council, see AS 29.20.490 through 29.20.520; for provisions setting forth the duties of the manager, see AS 29.20.250(a).