Chapter 2.44


2.44.010    Department of Administration.

2.44.010 Department of Administration.

The Department of Administration is created which shall be headed by the City Manager or his designee. Within this Department will be the City Clerk and such other personnel as may be necessary to provide such services as personnel administration; City-wide planning; zoning and platting; permitting and inspection; services such as parks, recreation, Community Recreation Program, and library programs; administration of the Homer Advisory Planning Commission, the Homer Advisory Parks and Recreation Commission, the City of Homer Port and Harbor Advisory Commission and the Library Advisory Board; major capital projects administration; economic development and City enhancement programs and such other services or programs as designated by the City Manager or requested by the City Council. The Department may be subdivided into divisions with their own supervisors as deemed necessary. [Ord. 10-16 § 1, 2010; Ord. 85-35 § 4, 1985. Code 1981 § 1.43.010].