Chapter 2.48


2.48.010    Library functions.

2.48.020    Library Director – Appointment.

2.48.030    Library Director – Duties.

2.48.040    Board – Creation and membership.

2.48.050    Library Advisory Board – Powers and duties.

2.48.060    Library Advisory Board – Vacancies.

2.48.070    Use of library.

2.48.010 Library functions.

The major functions of the library are the operation of the Homer Library, including control and supervision of library use, acquisition of library property and other related matters. [Ord. 85-35 § 5, 1985; Ord. 80-2 § 1, 1980. Code 1981 § 1.48.010].

2.48.020 Library Director – Appointment.

The head of the Homer Library is the Library Director, who shall be appointed by the City Manager. [Ord. 09-28(S) § 1, 2009; Ord. 85-35 § 5, 1985; Ord. 80-2 § 2, 1980. Code 1981 § 1.48.020].

2.48.030 Library Director – Duties.

The Library Director of the City shall be responsible for and shall have supervision and control of the library and hold responsibilities as denoted in the job description for the position. [Ord. 09-28(S) § 1, 2009; Ord. 85-35 § 5, 1985; Ord. 80-2 § 3, 1980. Code 1981 § 1.48.030].

2.48.040 Board – Creation and membership.

There is created the City of Homer Library Advisory Board, referred to in this chapter as the Board, which shall act in an advisory capacity to the Library Director and the City. The Board shall consist of seven members comprised as follows:

a. At least five members of the Board shall reside within the corporate limits of the City.

b. Members shall serve for three years with initial appointments to be made for staggered terms as follows: Two one-year terms; two two-year terms; and three three-year terms.

c. Members shall serve without compensation. [Ord. 09-28(S) § 1, 2009; Ord. 98-7, 1998; Ord. 95-5, 1995; Ord. 85-35 § 5, 1985; Ord. 80-2 § 4, 1980. Code 1981 § 1.48.040].

2.48.050 Library Advisory Board – Powers and duties.

The Library Advisory Board shall:

a. Establish operational policies for the library program, and submit same to the City Council for approval. There shall be an annual review of policies and revisions may be recommended by the Board.

b. Assist the Librarian in preparation and presentation of the annual budget request to the City Council.

c. Adopt bylaws and regulations for internal operations governing the proper and orderly discharge of its responsibilities.

d. Make recommendations through the City Manager to the Mayor and City Council concerning the library and its programs.

e. Solicit donations of money and/or property for the benefit of the library. Any money donations shall be deposited to the City treasury in a reserve fund designated for public library use. If property, it shall be accepted by deed or other conveyance subject to approval by the City Council. Such property shall be held or disposed of for public library purposes as the Council may direct. The Board may make recommendations for disposition of money or property so received and such recommendations shall be considered and acted upon by the Council. [Ord. 85-35 § 5, 1985; Ord. 80-2 § 5, 1980. Code 1981 § 1.48.050].

2.48.060 Library Advisory Board – Vacancies.

a. In the event of a vacancy on the Library Advisory Board, the Mayor shall appoint a person to fill such vacancy for the unexpired term, subject to confirmation by the City Council.

b. If any Library Board member is absent for three consecutive meetings (unless a majority of the other members have previously granted a leave of absence, not to exceed six months), the seat of that member shall be declared vacant and a new member appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation by the City Council. [Ord. 85-35 § 5, 1985; Ord. 80-2 § 6, 1980. Code 1981 § 1.48.060].

2.48.070 Use of library.

All persons shall be extended the use of library privileges subject to observing the rules and regulations established for the use thereof. The Library Director may prohibit any person from using the library who willfully or persistently violates any rule or regulation prescribed for the operation of the library. No person shall fail or refuse to leave the library when ordered to do so by the Library Director or other person in charge. [Ord. 09-28(S) § 1, 2009; Ord. 85-35 § 5, 1985; Ord. 80-2 § 7, 1980. Code 1981 § 1.48.070].


For statutory provisions authorizing municipalities to provide for libraries, see AS 29.35.200.