Chapter 2.76


2.76.010    Commission – Creation and membership.

2.76.020    Terms of members.

2.76.030    Proceedings of the Commission.

2.76.040    Duties and responsibilities of the Commission.

2.76.010 Commission – Creation and membership.

a. There is created the City of Homer Economic Development Advisory Commission, referred to in this chapter as the Commission. Such Commission will be made up of seven members, who shall be nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. A minimum of five Commissioners shall reside within the corporate limits of the City of Homer and shall be registered voters in the Kenai Peninsula Borough or the City of Homer.

b. A Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Commission shall be selected annually and shall be appointed from and by the appointive members.

c. The Mayor, the City Manager, one Council member, a representative of the Homer Marine Trades Association, and the Director of the Homer Chamber of Commerce shall serve as consulting members of the Commission in addition to the seven appointive members, and may attend and participate in all meetings as consultants, but shall have no vote. [Ord. 14-01(A), 2014; Ord. 93-15(S)(A), 1993. Code 1981 § 1.78.010].

2.76.020 Terms of members.

a. Voting members of the Commission shall be appointed for three-year terms. Terms shall be staggered.

1. Three members shall be appointed for three-year terms.

2. Two members shall be appointed for two-year terms.

3. Two members shall be appointed for one-year terms.

b. Any Commissioner who shall have two successive unexcused absences shall be subject to removal by the Commission by a majority vote of the members present. [Ord. 93-15(S)(A), 1993. Code 1981 § 1.78.020].

2.76.030 Proceedings of the Commission.

The Commission shall meet regularly once a month, and at the call of the Chairman. Permanent records or minutes shall be kept of the vote of each member upon every question. Every decision of finding shall immediately be filed in the office of the City Clerk, and shall be a public record open to inspection by any person. Every decision of finding shall be directed to the City Council at the earliest possible date. [Code 1981 § 1.78.030].

2.76.040 Duties and responsibilities of the Commission.

a. Oversee responsibility of the City of Homer’s work with KPEDD in developing a strategic plan for the specific Homer portion of the regional CEDS that is written every five years.

1. Cohost with KPEDD public meetings to collect comments on local strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats especially relating to the economy to determine the City’s needs and wants. This is done to broaden public involvement.

2. Review and comment on yearly CEDS updates.

3. Monitor the implementation of the regional CEDS in terms of the Homer portion.

b. Collect and analyze data to evaluate existing City of Homer resources.

c. Formulate and develop the overall long-range economic development goals of the residents of the City of Homer through public hearing process.

d. Identify specific alternatives or projects to accomplish the City’s objectives.

e. Recommend priorities for the projects or alternatives.

f. Promote public interest in overall economic development.

g. Make inquiries regarding matters related to economic development.

h. Commission may take part in activities with the Chamber of Commerce, Kenai Peninsula Borough Economic Development District, and Kenai Peninsula Borough Tourism Marketing Council upon the approval of the Council.

i. Commission should provide a representative for the KPB Economic Development District Board.

j. Any recommendation the Commission may have regarding economic development is to be directed to the City Council through the City Manager or the recommendations of the Commission concerning policy issues shall be sent directly to the Council upon request of the Commission.

k. The Commission shall consider any specific proposal, problem or project as directed by the City Council and any report or recommendations thereon shall be made directly to the Council, unless otherwise directed by the Council.

l. The City Council may at a future date expand or withdraw duties and responsibilities of the Commission. [Ord. 20-64(A) § 1, 2020; Ord. 93-15(S)(A), 1993; Ord. 06-25 § 1, 1993. Code 1981 § 1.78.040].