Chapter 3.01


3.01.010    Fiscal year.

3.01.020    Examination of claims.

3.01.025    Deposit of money.

3.01.030    Deposit of securities.

3.01.035    Collection of revenues and proceeds from securities.

3.01.040    Cancellation of uncollected accounts receivable – Refunds of erroneous payments.

3.01.045    Payrolls.

3.01.050    Deduction before disbursement.

3.01.055    Credit policy and regulation authorized.

3.01.010 Fiscal year.

Effective July 1, 2021, the fiscal year of the City shall commence on the first day of July and terminate on the last day of the following June. [Ord. 20-89 § 1, 2020; Ord. 93-14 § 1, 1993].

3.01.020 Examination of claims.

The Finance Director/Treasurer or a designee shall examine all payrolls, bills, claims and other demands of the City, and shall issue no warrant for payment unless the claim is in proper form correctly computed and approved, and is legally due and payable and an appropriation has been made therefor that has not been exhausted, and unless there is sufficient money in the City treasury to make payment. [Ord. 93-14 § 1, 1993].

3.01.025 Deposit of money.

All money collected by departments of the City shall be deposited with the Finance Director/Treasurer within three working days after collection, except that amounts less than $100.00 shall be deposited with the Finance Director/Treasurer by 10:00 a.m. the following Friday. [Ord. 13-17(S) § 4, 2013; Ord. 93-14 § 1, 1993].

3.01.030 Deposit of securities.

All money and securities shall be deposited by the Finance Director/Treasurer in a bank that is approved by the City Council. [Ord. 93-14 § 1, 1993].

3.01.035 Collection of revenues and proceeds from securities.

All revenues and proceeds from securities owned by the City shall be collected by the Finance Director/Treasurer promptly when due. [Ord. 93-14 § 1, 1993].

3.01.040 Cancellation of uncollected accounts receivable – Refunds of erroneous payments.

a. The Finance Director/Treasurer may cancel any uncollectible account receivable except bills which may become a lien against property for taxes, but shall report all such cancellations to the City Manager, who will report to the City Council. Bills which may become a lien against property may be cancelled only upon written formal claim by the owner when supported by substantial evidence of its propriety and approval by the City Council.

b. Any refunds of overpayments or erroneous payments may be made by the Finance Director/Treasurer (upon evidence of overpayment or erroneous payment). [Ord. 93-14 § 1, 1993].

3.01.045 Payrolls.

Payrolls shall be submitted to the Finance Director/Treasurer or designee for approval, and upon approval the Finance Director shall issue warrants in payment thereof when due. It shall not be necessary for the Finance Director to encumber in advance or to certify as to the availability of funds appropriated for personal services, except those obtained on a contractual basis; provided, that upon issuance of such warrants, the Finance Director shall immediately cause the appropriate funds to be encumbered to the extent of the warrants issued. [Ord. 93-14 § 1, 1993].

3.01.050 Deduction before disbursement.

Before disbursement of money to any person, business or organization, there shall be deducted therefrom the amount of any delinquent indebtedness owed by such person to the City. [Ord. 93-14 § 1, 1993].

3.01.055 Credit policy and regulation authorized.

The City Council may by resolution adopt policies and regulations establishing the City’s practices for extension of credit, billings, debt collections, and pursuit of delinquent accounts receivable. [Ord. 93-14 § 1, 1993].1


Clerk’s Note: City Credit Policy is on file in the office of the City Clerk. 11/19/1991