Chapter 3.15


3.15.010    HAWSP fund formally recognized.

3.15.020    Purpose of the HAWSP fund.

3.15.030    HAWSP fund management.

3.15.040    Deposits to the HAWSP fund.

3.15.050    Program regulations, policies, and procedures.

3.15.010 HAWSP fund formally recognized.

There is hereby formally recognized the Homer accelerated water and sewer program fund (“HAWSP fund”). The HAWSP fund shall be governed by this chapter. [Ord. 22-48(A) § 3, 2022].

3.15.020 Purpose of the HAWSP fund.

The HAWSP fund was, and is, established for the purpose of providing funds to finance water and/or sewer system improvements. [Ord. 22-48(A) § 3, 2022].

3.15.030 HAWSP fund management.

The HAWSP fund shall be managed as a separate and segregated debt service fund. Investment earnings of the HAWSP fund shall be deposited into the fund. [Ord. 22-48(A) § 3, 2022].

3.15.040 Deposits to the HAWSP fund.

Amounts deposited into the HAWSP fund include tax levy receipts pursuant to HCC 9.16.010(b), special assessment receipts from benefited property owners of water and/or sewer system improvements, and other available amounts which may deposited from time to time. [Ord. 22-48(A) § 3, 2022].

3.15.050 Program regulations, policies, and procedures.

The HAWSP fund policies and procedures shall be approved by resolutions. [Ord. 22-48(A) § 3, 2022].