Chapter 21.34


21.34.010    Purpose.

21.34.020    Permitted uses.

21.34.030    Conditional uses.

21.34.040    Dimensional requirements.

21.34.050    Site development standards.

21.34.010 Purpose.

The Conservation District is applied to sensitive public lands that are critical to the maintenance of fish and wildlife resources, protect important watershed areas, or serve other key environmental functions. Private lands meeting the same criteria also may be included in the district with the consent of the owner. These lands are to be maintained in an undisturbed and natural state, except for parks with passive recreation activities and facilities (e.g., wildlife viewing, nature walks, educational and interpretive uses) and other uses that do not change the character of the land or disrupt fish and wildlife. Passive recreation activities are secondary to habitat protection and enhancement. [Ord. 11-32 § 1, 2011; Ord. 08-29, 2008].

21.34.020 Permitted uses.

The following uses are permitted outright in the Conservation District:

a. Fish and wildlife habitat protection and enhancement.

b. Marine-life and wildlife sanctuary or preserve. [Ord. 11-32 § 2, 2011; Ord. 08-29, 2008].

21.34.030 Conditional uses.

The following uses are conditionally permitted in the Conservation District when authorized by conditional use permit issued in accordance with Chapter 21.71 HCC:

a. Pedestrian trails, including boardwalks and viewing platforms.

b. Educational and interpretive displays and signs.

c. Public utility facilities and structures that cannot be reasonably located in another district.

d. Parking lots incidental to a permitted or conditionally permitted use.

e. Other conservation uses that will enhance the Conservation District, approved by the Planning Commission, provided, however, a finding of no adverse impact to the integrity of the fish and wildlife resources and habitat must be found. [Ord. 11-32 § 3, 2011; Ord. 08-29, 2008].

21.34.040 Dimensional requirements.

a. Lot Width. Lot width is unrestricted.

b. Lot Area. Lot area is unrestricted. [Ord. 08-29, 2008].

21.34.050 Site development standards.

All development in this district shall comply with the level one site development standards contained in HCC 21.50.020. [Ord. 08-29, 2008].