Chapter 21.53


21.53.010    Standards for townhouses.

21.53.020    Common Interest Ownership Act.

21.53.010 Standards for townhouses.

In zoning districts where townhouses may be conditionally permitted, a conditional use permit for a townhouse may be approved by the Commission if the following requirements are met:

a. The proposed development satisfies all criteria for approval of a conditional use permit.

b. A detailed development plan is submitted with the application for a conditional use, including a site plan drawn to scale. The site plan shall include but shall not be limited to the topography and drainage of the proposed site, the location of all buildings and structures on the site, courts and open space areas, circulation patterns, ingress and egress points, parking areas (including the total number of parking spaces provided) and a general floor plan of the main buildings, together with other such information as the Commission shall require.

c. Not more than six contiguous townhouses shall be built in a row with the same or approximately the same front line and not more than 12 townhouses shall be contiguous.

d. No townhouse project shall be located any closer than 600 feet to another townhouse project unless otherwise approved by the Commission.

e. No portion of a townhouse or accessory structure in, or related to, one group of contiguous townhouses shall be closer than 15 feet to any portion of another townhouse (or accessory structure related to another townhouse group), or to any building outside the townhouse project.

f. Minimum lot width for each townhouse unit is 24 feet.

g. Minimum lot area for each townhouse unit shall be as follows:

1. For a two-unit townhouse, 4,000 square feet lot area per unit;

2. For a three-unit townhouse, 3,000 square feet lot area per unit;

3. For a four-unit or greater townhouse, 2,000 square feet lot area per unit.

h. Each townhouse unit shall have a total yard area containing at least 1,000 square feet. Such total yard area may be reduced to 500 square feet per unit if 500 square feet of common open or common recreational area, not including parking spaces, is provided for each unit. Such yard area shall be reasonably secluded from view from streets and not used for off-street parking or for any accessory building.

i. Grouping of parking spaces is desirable; provided, that spaces intended for a particular unit are no more than 100 feet from the unit. On minor streets, use of the right-of-way may be permitted for maneuvering incidental to parking that will facilitate snow removal. On collector and arterial streets, maneuvering incidental to parking shall not be permitted.

j. Visibility at Intersections. At all intersections of private drives, including such drives and access routes on adjacent property, and at the intersection of any private drive or entrance or exit for a common parking area with a public street, visibility clearance shall be maintained according to HCC 21.73.200.

k. Minimum setbacks for all townhouse buildings shall be the setback requirements of the zoning district within which it is located.

l. Maximum building height shall not exceed 25 feet.

m. All party walls shall adhere to fire safety standards as established by the State Fire Marshal.

n. All townhouse developments shall be constructed in compliance with all applicable State statutes then in effect.

o. All areas not devoted to buildings, drives, walks, parking areas or other authorized improvements shall be covered with one or more of the following: lawn grass, natural or ornamental shrubbery or trees.

p. All roadways, fire lanes or areas for maneuvering incidental to parking (not to include designated commonly held open space or recreation areas) shall be a minimum of 22 feet in width. No vehicular parking shall be allowed in the aforementioned areas.

q. The standards set forth in this section are in addition to the general standards for a conditional use permit. In the event of conflict, the stricter standard shall control. [Ord. 08-29, 2008].

21.53.020 Common Interest Ownership Act.

If the Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act applies to a townhouse or other project, it is a violation of this code to sell, market for sale, or otherwise transfer any unit or other interest in the townhouse or other project except in full compliance with that act. [Ord. 08-29, 2008].