Chapter 21.94


21.94.010    General.

21.94.020    Public hearing procedures.

21.94.030    Notification of neighboring property owners.

21.94.010 General.

This chapter governs public hearings held by the Commission under the Homer Zoning Code. [Ord. 08-29, 2008].

21.94.020 Public hearing procedures.

a. Notice of the public hearing shall be published at least once in a paper of general circulation within the City. The notice shall be published at least once during the calendar week prior to the public hearing date.

b. The notice shall contain at least the following information:

1. A brief description of the proposal on which the public body is to act;

2. A legal or common description of the property involved and a street address;

3. Date, time and place of the public hearing;

4. A statement that the complete proposal is available for review, specifying the particular City office where the proposal may be examined. [Ord. 08-29, 2008].

21.94.030 Notification of neighboring property owners.

a. Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, a copy of the aforementioned newspaper notification or notice containing at least the same information shall be mailed to owners of record on the Borough Assessor’s records of real property within a 300-foot periphery of the site that is the subject of the proposed action.

b. When a public hearing is to be held about a zoning ordinance amendment involving only a change in the zoning code text or major district boundary changes, no mailing of the notification to neighboring property owners is required, but notice shall be published in the newspaper and displayed in at least three public places. [Ord. 08-29, 2008].