Chapter 2.10


2.10.010    City clerk.

2.10.020    Powers and duties.

2.10.030    Deputy city clerk.

2.10.010 City clerk.

There shall be a city clerk, appointed by the city council for an indefinite term. (Ord. 1011 § 1, 1984)

2.10.020 Powers and duties.

(a)    Powers and duties of the city clerk shall be:

(1)    As prescribed by Section 2-6 of the City Charter, municipal ordinance, or by law;

(2)    Custodian of the journal of the council, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, agreements, grants, leases, deeds, easements, annexation files and other legal documents;

(3)    Receipt of sealed bids and requests for proposals;

(4)    Cemetery plot sales and records;

(5)    Codification of municipal ordinances;

(6)    Supervision of municipal elections;

(7)    Receipt and distribution of claim forms, live entertainment permits, itinerant merchant licenses, taxicab licenses and secondhand dealers’ licenses;

(8)    Coordination of personnel board hearings and other boards as appropriate and retention of the official file;

(9)    Keeper of the city seal;

(10)    Other duties as assigned by the city council.

(b)    The city clerk shall appoint and, when deemed necessary for the good of the service, lay off, suspend, demote or remove all employees of the office of the city clerk. (Ord. 1191 § 1, 1990; Ord. 1011 § 1, 1984)

2.10.030 Deputy city clerk.

There shall be a deputy city clerk appointed by the city clerk for an indefinite term. The deputy city clerk shall be an officer of the city and shall perform such duties as requested or directed by the city clerk. (Ord. 1011 § 1, 1984)