Chapter 2.24


2.24.010    Director of public works.

2.24.020    Powers and duties.

2.24.010 Director of public works.

There shall be a public works department, the head of which shall be the director of public works, appointed by the city manager for an indefinite term. The director of public works shall be an officer of the city and shall have supervision and control of the public works department. (Ord. 910 § 1, 1979. Code 1962 § 1-14)

2.24.020 Powers and duties.

The public works department, insofar as these functions are performed by city personnel, shall:

(a)    Design, construct, reconstruct, repair, and maintain all municipal buildings, bridges, viaducts, cemeteries, waterways, sewers, drains, levees, harbor facilities, off-street parking facilities, and structures, including alterations, replacements, additions, and appurtenances thereto;

(b)    Grade, maintain, and improve all streets, alleys, other public highways, sidewalks, and sidewalk areas; and construct, reconstruct, repair, and maintain all pavements, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks;

(c)    Grant all permits to excavate into or disturb any street or public grounds, or to make any special use thereof;

(d)    Administer all city owned cemeteries;

(e)    Perform such other functions relating to the maintenance, repair, improvement, and operation of the physical facilities owned or used by the city government as the city manager may prescribe consistent with the ordinances of the city;

(f)    To collect and dispose of garbage and other refuse and/or to cause the same to be collected and disposed of as provided by ordinance.

(g)    Issue permits, conduct building inspections, administer all building regulations, and exercise all other powers and duties of a building official under:

(1)    KMC Title 19, Building Regulations:

(2)    KMC 18.08.030, Enforcement, to the extent designated by the city manager; or

(3)    Other applicable law or directive of the city manager. (Ord. 1348 § 4, 1996; Ord. 1005 § 10, 1983; Ord. 910 §§ 2, 3, 1979. Code 1962 § 1-15)