Chapter 2.52


2.52.010    Department generally – City attorney.

2.52.020    Powers and duties.

2.52.030    Performing legal services for others.

2.52.040    Compensation.

2.52.050    Legal services by others.

2.52.010 Department generally – City attorney.

There shall be a department of law, the head of which shall be the city attorney appointed by the council for an indefinite term, and removable by the council. The city attorney shall be an officer of the city, and shall have supervision and control of the department of law. (Ord. 1625 § 1, 2009. Code 1962 § 1-37)

2.52.020 Powers and duties.

(a)    The city attorney shall be the legal advisor of the council and the other officers of the city in reference to their official duties, and he shall represent the city as attorney in all civil and criminal proceedings in which the city is interested.

(b)    The city attorney shall not be required to attend all meetings of the council and other boards and commissions of the city, but may be requested by the mayor or council or the chairman of a board or commission to attend a specified meeting.

(c)    It shall be the duty of the city attorney to draft and/or review all ordinances, resolutions, contracts, agreements, and similar instruments, and to issue his written opinion as to the form or validity thereof, when required.

(d)    It shall be the duty of the city attorney to call to the attention of the mayor, council, or city manager all matters of law affecting the city.

(e)    It shall be the duty of the city attorney promptly to report to the mayor, council, or city manager all suits brought against the city. (Code 1962 § 1-38)

2.52.030 Performing legal services for others.

The city attorney’s services shall be on a full-time basis; however, he may accept and perform legal services for others; provided, that such services shall in no way conflict with the performance of his duties as city attorney; and provided further, that he shall have first obtained approval of the city council before performing such other services. (Ord. 673 § 1, 1965. Code 1962 § 1-39)

2.52.040 Compensation.

The salary of the city attorney shall be fixed by the council by agreement with the city attorney. The salary agreed upon together with the fringe benefits provided for all employees of the city shall be the full compensation of the city attorney. (Ord. 673 § 1, 1965. Code 1962 § 1-40)

2.52.050 Legal services by others.

The council, in the absence of a full time in-house department of law headed by the city attorney as provided in this chapter, may appoint an attorney, group of attorneys, a professional legal corporation or the Ketchikan Gateway Borough legal department to perform services of a legal nature for the city. Said legal services shall be terminable by the council, or in the alternative terminable as the agreement between the attorney, group of attorneys, or professional legal corporation, as the city may provide. (Ord. 1625 § 2, 2009; Ord. 854 § 1, 1976)


As to the department of law, see Charter § 2-4(5).