Chapter 2.60


2.60.010    Certain personnel to be bonded.

2.60.010 Certain personnel to be bonded.

Before entering upon their official duties, the following personnel of the city government shall provide bonds for the faithful performance of their official duties, payable to the city, with a surety company authorized to operate within the state, in the amounts respectively indicated after their titles:

(a)    City manager – $10,000;

(b)    Director of finance – $100,000.

The council, by motion or resolution, may require other officers and employees in such positions as it may designate to be bonded, and may also provide for blanket bonds for personnel in addition to any individual bonds required.

The city shall pay the premiums on all such bonds. (Code 1962 § 1-43)


For Charter provisions relating to officials’ bonds, see Charter § 4-7.