Chapter 2.85


2.85.010    Ketchikan healthcare advisory committee.

2.85.010 Ketchikan healthcare advisory committee.

(a)    There is hereby created a Ketchikan healthcare advisory committee in respect to the lease agreement (agreement) between the city and PeaceHealth for the PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center (KMC). For the purposes of the chapter, PeaceHealth is referred to as KMC.

(b)    The committee shall be composed of six members, consisting of three city members and three KMC members. City members shall be appointed by the mayor with approval of the council and include one councilmember and two members of city staff with knowledge of the relationship between the city and KMC. KMC members shall be appointed by KMC and include one member of its community health board and two members from the local KMC executive team, physician leaders or other organization representatives. Members of the committee shall serve without compensation.

(c)    The term of member shall be for three years or until a successor is appointed, except that the term of a member who is a councilmember shall be for one year. Upon appointment, the first members of the committee shall determine the length of term by lot so that the terms of the two other city members shall be two years and three years and the terms of the KMC members shall be one year, two years and three years resulting in staggered terms for members subsequently appointed. Members of the committee may serve successive terms. Members of the committee shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority and may be removed at any time in the discretion of that authority. Vacancies in city membership shall be filled by the mayor with the consent of the council for the remainder of the unexpired term. Vacancies in KMC membership shall be filled by KMC for the unexpired term.

(d)    The committee shall annually elect a chair and vice chair with one such position to be held by a city member and the other by a KMC member. The chair and vice chair positions shall alternate annually between a city member and a KMC member. The chair shall preside at the meetings of the committee. In the absence of the chair, the vice chair will preside at the meetings of the committee.

(e)    The committee shall hold regular meetings at least once a month during the first year of the agreement and at least once each calendar quarter thereafter. The committee shall set the time and date of its regular meetings and give reasonable public notice of such meetings.

(f)    Any three committee members including one member appointed by each KMC and the city may call a special meeting concerning any topic or topics that should be addressed prior to the next scheduled regular meeting. Notice of the time, place and purpose of the meeting must be delivered to all members of the committee at least 10 days prior to the meeting. The committee shall give reasonable public notice of all special meetings.

(g)    The agenda for committee meetings shall be prepared by the chair in collaboration with the vice chair and recommendations received from other committee members. The agenda will be distributed to committee members in advance of the meeting.

(h)    The committee shall take minutes of its meetings, including the start and end of the meeting and members in attendance. The vice chair shall be responsible for ensuring a complete and accurate record of all meetings are kept and copies distributed to the members in a timely manner, but may delegate that responsibility to another member. Minutes will be approved by the committee at its next meeting.

(i)    Two city members and two KMC members shall constitute a quorum.

(j)    Attendance at and participation in committee meetings may be in person, by teleconference, video conference or any combination thereof.

(k)    Any member who fails to attend at least 75 percent of regular committee meetings without being excused by the committee shall automatically forfeit membership in the committee.

(l)    The committee may establish its own rules and procedures so long as they are not inconsistent with this chapter or the agreement.

(m)    The powers and duties of the committee include to:

(1)    Act in an advisory role to the city and KMC on matters concerning the agreement.

(2)    Receive, consider, and evaluate public opinions and recommendations through opportunities for public forum.

(3)    Proactively and collaboratively work to resolve issues and mitigate risks to the partnership.

(4)    Review administrative elements of the agreement (e.g., track rent payments, review lease annually).

(5)    Measure performance against selected metrics intended to monitor performance related to clinical and financial requirements of the agreement.

(6)    Provide advice and recommendations to the city and KMC supported by tracked measures and community input.

(7)    Review KMC’s capital investment plan annually and present to the city council when no longer confidential.

(8)    Coordinate with KMC’s community health board as appropriate.

(9)    Perform the duties and responsibilities of the committee as set forth in the agreement which includes the provisions of the Ketchikan health care advisory committee charter. (Ord. 1935 § 1, 2021)