Chapter 9.32


9.32.010    Discharging firearms.

9.32.020    Shooting air guns.

9.32.030    Air guns to be confiscated.

9.32.040    Sale of firearms to minors.

9.32.010 Discharging firearms.

Any person who fires or discharges any pistol, gun, rifle, or any other firearm within the corporate limits shall be guilty of a misdemeanor; provided, that such prohibitions shall not be applicable to municipal, state, and federal law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties, or to persons firing such in justifiable defense of himself or others or of property or otherwise in accordance with law, or to a person who fires such firearm at authorized firing ranges. Authorized firing ranges shall be a facility approved as to type, location, and rules of operation by the city council. Any person or persons who violate the approved rules for authorized firing ranges shall be guilty of a violation of this section. (Code 1962 § 13-15)

9.32.020 Shooting air guns.

The shooting of air guns, air powered paint-ball guns or similar recreational devices capable of delivering a projectile by compressed air for a distance of 50 feet or more is prohibited, except as permitted under regulations established by the chief of police. (Ord. 1609 § 1, 2008; Ord. 1275 § 1, 1993. Code 1962 § 13-16)

9.32.030 Air guns to be confiscated.

When any person is determined to be in violation of KMC 9.32.020, the gun or device used in connection with such violation shall be seized by the police and shall be confiscated. (Ord. 1275 § 2, 1993. Code 1962 § 13-17)

9.32.040 Sale of firearms to minors.

It is unlawful for any person to sell firearms to persons under the age of 18. (Ord. 1410 § 1, 1998. Code 1962 § 13-35)