Chapter 9.64


9.64.020    Short weights and measures.

9.64.030    Structures placed in public area.

9.64.040    Removal of barricades.

9.64.020 Short weights and measures.

It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to sell or offer for sale any food, fuel, clothing, or any other commodity which does not weigh or measure as much, according to standard weights or measures of the state, as the weight or measure for which it is sold or offered for sale. (Code 1962 § 13-44)

9.64.030 Structures placed in public area.

Any person who places, erects, or occupies within the bounds of any street, alley, other public way, park, or other public area of the city any hut, hovel, shanty, or other structure whatever is guilty of a misdemeanor. (Code 1962 § 13-46)

9.64.040 Removal of barricades.

It is unlawful for any person except by proper authority to remove any barricade, obstruction, light, or sign placed by authority of the city to keep traffic off any pavement, street, curb, sidewalk, or other area. (Code 1962 § 13-54)