Chapter 14.04


14.04.010    Title.

14.04.020    Purpose.

14.04.030    Intent.

14.04.040    State regulations adopted.

14.04.050    Extraterritorial application of regulations.

14.04.010 Title.

This title shall constitute the “Ketchikan boat harbor facilities code” of the city of Ketchikan, Alaska, and may be cited as such. (Ord. 818 § 2, 1975)

14.04.020 Purpose.

The purpose of this title is to protect and preserve the lives, health, safety, and well-being of the people of the city who have property in, or use or work upon the boats using the city’s boat harbor facilities, or who make sales and deliveries of goods and merchandise to boats therein, or who use these facilities in the course of visits for commercial or pleasure purposes; to protect the property of such boat owners by regulating the harbor and its facilities of nuisances, fire, and health hazards; to make reasonable charges for the use of certain facilities to enable the city, insofar as possible, to pay the cost of maintenance, operation and supervision of the city’s boat harbor facilities from the revenue derived therefrom; to further all the provisions of this title as being liberally construed for the accomplishment of the purpose of promoting the general welfare; and to operate upon a nonprofit basis boat harbor facilities. (Ord. 818 § 2, 1975)

14.04.030 Intent.

It is the intent of this title to favor the use of the facilities of the boat harbor by commercial fishermen, government boats, commercial boats in trade and commerce, and pleasure boats, and by the general public at large. It is further the intent of this title to prevent and discourage the use of facilities of the boat harbor by boats which have been abandoned by their owners to the point of becoming derelicts as defined in Chapter 14.08 KMC, or becoming a charge and nuisance. (Ord. 818 § 2, 1975)

14.04.040 State regulations adopted.

To the extent such are not inconsistent with any provisions of this title, the regulations contained in 17 AAC 80, entitled “Water and Harbors,” pertaining to the operation of harbors and water facilities, copies of which regulations and any amendments thereto are on file in the office of the city clerk, are hereby adopted and incorporated by reference and made a part of this title. (Ord. 1114 § 3, 1987; Ord. 818 § 2, 1975)

14.04.050 Extraterritorial application of regulations.

Pursuant to and as provided in AS 29.48.037, this title, and any revisions or amendments thereto, shall apply to all boat and harbor facilities owned, leased or operated by the city located outside as well as inside the boundaries of the city. (Ord. 938 § 2, 1980)