Chapter 15.04


15.04.010    Extending above ground prohibited.

15.04.020    Removal of marker placed in violation.

15.04.030    Title to become part of lot sale.

15.04.040    Temporary markers.

15.04.010 Extending above ground prohibited.

Hereafter no monuments or markers shall be placed upon any grave in the city cemetery, which monuments or markers shall extend above the surface of the surrounding ground. (Code 1962 § 6-1)

15.04.020 Removal of marker placed in violation.

Any monument or marker placed on any such grave in violation of this title shall be removed by the city personnel in charge of the cemetery at the cost of the violator. (Code 1962 § 6-2)

15.04.030 Title to become part of lot sale.

This title shall become part of all sales of lots in the city cemetery as if the same were set forth in full in any instrument passing title to any such lot. (Code 1962 § 6-3)

15.04.040 Temporary markers.

In its discretion, the city council may permit temporary markers to be placed upon the graves of members of the military forces of the United States. (Code 1962 § 6-4)