Chapter 18.30


18.30.010    Causing fire by careless conduct deemed misdemeanor.

18.30.020    Definitions.

18.30.030    Sleeping rooms – Posting notice required.

18.30.040    Violations a misdemeanor.

18.30.010 Causing fire by careless conduct deemed misdemeanor.

Whoever, by reason of careless or willful conduct in smoking or in the use of lighters or matches, sets fire to any bedding, carpet, curtains, drapes, furniture, household equipment or other goods or chattels or to any building is guilty of a misdemeanor. This chapter shall apply only to those places for which notice is required to be posted as set out in KMC 18.30.030. (Ord. 815 § 1, 1974)

18.30.020 Definitions.

“Careless conduct in smoking” includes, as used in this chapter, any of the following acts of commission or omission: permitting a spark or sparks from a lighted cigar, cigarette or pipe to fall upon or into anything flammable; placing any lighted smoking material on or about or in close proximity to any flammable article or articles; falling asleep with lighted smoking material of any kind at hand; throwing lighted smoking material out of a window or into an elevator pit or elsewhere than in a proper receptacle therefor; dropping a lighted cigarette or cigar or part thereof into a mail chute in any building, failure to extinguish the fire of a match or any kind of lighter device after use of the same; failure to destroy the lighted part of a cigar or cigarette when disposing of it; failure to destroy the burning smidgen or smidgens of tobacco from a pipe when cleaning or unloading a pipe. (Ord. 815 § 1, 1974)

18.30.030 Sleeping rooms – Posting notice required.

A plainly printed notice of the provisions of this chapter shall be posted in a conspicuous place in every sleeping room of every hotel, motel, rooming house, tourist home, tourist court or other place renting rooms for the accommodation of the public. Such notice shall be posted by the owner, proprietor, lessee or managing agent of such establishment. (Ord. 815 § 1, 1974)

18.30.040 Violations a misdemeanor.

Any person, firm, copartnership or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished according to KMC 1.02.030. (Ord. 815 § 1, 1974)