Chapter 18.32


18.32.010    Adoption.

18.32.010 Adoption.

There is adopted by the council of the city rules and regulations to improve safety of the public by promoting the control of fire hazards, regulating installation, use and maintenance of equipment, the use of structures, premises and open areas, providing for the abatement of fire hazards, and setting forth standards for compliance to achieve these objectives, that certain code known as the 2012 International Fire Code, published annually and recommended by the National Fire Protection Association codes, standards, recommended practices and manuals developed by the technical committees of the association and processed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association regulations governing technical committees, being particularly the current edition thereof. (Ord. 1737 § 9, 2013; Ord. 1583 § 13, 2008; Ord. 1097 § 5, 1987; Ord. 810 § 6, 1974)