Chapter 3.25


3.25.010    Hours of work.

3.25.020    Overtime.

3.25.010 Hours of work.

(a)    For payroll and accounting purposes, the workweek for all employees begins with the start of the first shift after 12:01 a.m. Monday and ends at the conclusion of the last shift that started before midnight on Sunday.

(b)    Work schedules shall be established by the department head. Employees are expected to work all of the hours and days assigned. Regular work schedule changes for all departments shall be posted at least one (1) week in advance by the department head or designee. Any work schedule may be modified whenever such modifications are in the best interests of the borough.

(c)    Flexible (“flex”) schedules may be allowed by a department head. Any “flex” schedule arrangements or designation of shifts must be in writing. A copy of every memorandum designating shifts or flex schedules must be provided to the finance director and to the director of human resources. [Ord. No. 1228, §1, 9-3-02; Ord. No. 1212, §1, 5-6-02; Ord. No. 956B, §1, 5-1-95. Code 1974 §30.50.005.]

3.25.020 Overtime.

(a)    Nonexempt employees will be paid only for the time actually worked. The regular workweek for all full-time nonexempt employees, except ferry workers and airport police, is forty (40) working hours. On some occasions overtime work is required.

(b)    All overtime work by nonexempt employees shall be authorized by the appropriate department head. All nonexempt employees shall be paid one and one-half (1-1/2) times their regular rate of pay for authorized overtime hours worked in excess of forty (40) working hours in one (1) workweek.

(c)    Exempt employees are not eligible to receive overtime pay for any hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours in one (1) workweek as they receive a salary which is considered to be adequate compensation for all hours actually worked during the workweek.

(d)    At least annually, the borough manager shall update a list of all exempt and nonexempt positions within the borough. [Ord. No. 1340, §1, 2-22-05; Ord. No. 1237, §1, 10-21-02; Ord. No. 1212, §2, 5-6-02; Ord. No. 956B, §1, 5-1-95. Code 1974 §30.50.010.]