Chapter 5.55


5.55.010    Voting by mail – Ballots.

5.55.020    Casting ballots.

5.55.030    Notice of election – Election date – Public notice.

5.55.040    Absentee voting officials – Duties.

5.55.050    Storing ballots.

5.55.010 Voting by mail – Ballots.

(a)    The borough clerk may conduct a regular or special election by mail.

(b)    When the borough clerk conducts an election by mail, the borough clerk shall send a ballot to each person whose name appears on the official voter registration list prepared under AS 15.07.125 for that election. The ballot shall be sent to the address stated on the official registration list unless the voter has notified the borough clerk in writing of a different address to which the ballot should be sent or the address on the official registration list has been identified as being an undeliverable address. The borough clerk shall send ballots by first-class, nonforwardable mail on or before the twenty-second day before the election.

(c)    The borough clerk shall review ballots voted under this section under procedures established for the review of absentee ballots.

(d)    There shall be a secrecy sleeve and a return envelope supplied to each by-mail voter. The return envelope shall have printed upon it an affidavit by which the voter shall declare his qualifications to vote, followed by provision for attestation by a person qualified to administer oaths or one attesting witness who is at least 18 years of age. Specific instructions for voting a by-mail ballot and a list of the appointed absentee voting officials, their hours and locations, will be mailed to each voter with the ballot. [Ord. No. 1920A, §5, 7-6-20; Ord. No. 1357, §2, 7-5-05. Code 1974 §25.110.010.]

5.55.020 Casting ballots.

(a)    Upon receipt of a mail-in ballot, the voter shall cast his ballot in the manner specified in KGBC 5.35.070. If the ballot is cast in the borough clerk’s office, the borough clerk shall retain it for delivery to the canvass board. If the ballot is cast in another location, the voter shall return it by mail to the borough clerk immediately for delivery to the canvass board.

(b)    A voter who does not receive a mail-in ballot may cast his ballot in person as specified in KGBC 5.35.060.

(c)    A voter may return the mail-in ballot to an absentee voting official as provided in KGBC 5.55.040. [Ord. No. 1357, §2, 7-5-05. Code 1974 §25.110.020.]

5.55.030 Notice of election – Election date – Public notice.

(a)    The notice of election calling for the election must state that the election is to be conducted by mail and that there will be no polling place open for regular in-person voting on election day. In a by-mail election, election day is the deadline by which a voter’s ballot must be received by the borough clerk.

(b)    For each election conducted by mail, the public notices will include the information specified in KGBC 5.05.060. If posted on the Internet, the post shall remain until the election is held. [Ord. No. 1827, §10, 4-3-17; Ord. No. 1357, §2, 7-5-05. Code 1974 §25.110.030.]

5.55.040 Absentee voting officials – Duties.

(a)    The borough clerk may, with the approval of the city clerks in the borough, appoint city clerks or others in the area to act as absentee voting officials. If no city clerk is available or if the city clerk is unable or unwilling to act as an absentee voting official, the borough clerk may appoint any qualified voter to serve as an absentee voting official. The borough clerk shall supply adequate voting supplies and ballots to the absentee voting officials. The borough clerk shall provide moderate compensation to the absentee voting officials to cover added expenses of the administration of this service, which shall be agreed to by the absentee voting officials.

(b)    The duties of the absentee voting officials shall be as follows:

(1)    Provide absentee voting in person on any date including the day of the election following the procedures in KGBC 5.35.060 and special needs voting on any date including the day of the election following the procedures in KGBC 5.35.090;

(2)    Sign a voter’s by-mail oath and affidavit envelope as an authorized attesting official, except that the absentee voting official may not attest his or her own ballot;

(3)    Accept receipt of a by-mail voter’s hand-delivered ballot, which has been sworn to, attested and sealed in the by-mail return envelope;

(4)    Provide general voter assistance, including, but not limited to, assistance to a qualified voter who cannot read, mark the ballot, or sign his name, and providing replacement ballots to voters who have improperly marked or damaged their ballots;

(5)    Date-stamp all ballots received;

(6)    Provide for the security and safekeeping of all ballots received and present those ballots to the borough clerk for canvassing. The borough clerk will specify the means of returning the voted ballots and all other election supplies to the borough. [Ord. No. 1357, §2, 7-5-05. Code 1974 §25.110.040.]

5.55.050 Storing ballots.

The borough clerk shall provide for the secure storage of the mail-in ballots received from the voters and by-mail officials, until the date set by the borough clerk for the counting of the ballots. [Ord. No. 1357, §2, 7-5-05. Code 1974 §25.110.060.]