Chapter 6.15


6.15.010    Animals subject to impoundment.

6.15.020    Disposition of impounded animals.

6.15.030    Release of impounded animals.

6.15.040    Owner liability for fees.

6.15.010 Animals subject to impoundment.

Any animal that constitutes a public nuisance, as defined herein, or that is suspected of having rabies, or that is removed pursuant to the protective custody provisions of Chapter 6.30 KGBC shall be taken into custody by the department of animal protection and humanely impounded in an animal shelter. [Ord. No. 923, §1, 12-20-93. Code 1974 §20.40.005.]

6.15.020 Disposition of impounded animals.

(a)    Immediately upon impounding a licensed animal, the director of animal protection shall cause notice of such action made known to the owner or person responsible for that animal either by personal contact, telephone or certified mail, return receipt requested, to the owner’s last known address as indicated on the most recent license application. If verbal notice of impoundment is given within 72 hours of impoundment to the owner, or another person of suitable age and discretion who resides with the owner, notice by certified mail shall not be necessary.

(b)    In no event shall any animal be disposed of prior to expiration of 72 hours after mailed or verbal notice has been given in the manner provided in subsection (a) of this section, or in the event the owner is unknown, expiration of 72 hours after impoundment; provided, however, such animal may be disposed of at any time pursuant to the direction or authorization of state or other health authorities or in the event that the animal becomes sick or is injured and the director of animal protection and/or a licensed veterinarian feel that, in the best interest of the animal, euthanasia is necessary.

(c)    Any animal not reclaimed by its owner within the time established in subsection (b) of this section may be placed for adoption through animal protection, a licensed veterinary clinic, or a partnering organization or humanely euthanized. [Ord. No. 1874, §3, 12-17-18; Ord. No. 923, §1, 12-20-93. Code 1974 §20.40.010.]

6.15.030 Release of impounded animals.

(a)    Except for release for immunization as provided for in subsection (b) of this section, an impounded animal shall not be released until the animal and its owner or responsible person are in compliance with all the provisions of this title applicable to the impounded animal.

(b)    When an impounded animal is required to be vaccinated for rabies under this title, the owner or person responsible must produce a valid rabies certificate for the impounded animal before it will be released. If the owner is unable to provide proof of current rabies immunization for the impounded animal, the borough will transport the animal to a veterinarian and have the veterinarian immunize the animal for rabies. The owner will be responsible for the cost of transport and immunization. In the event the veterinary clinic is closed, the owner will be sold a rabies immunization voucher by the borough. The owner shall be responsible to present the animal and the voucher at a veterinary clinic within 10 calendar days for rabies immunization. The owner shall provide proof of immunization to animal protection staff within 72 hours of immunization. [Ord. No. 1874, §3, 12-17-18; Ord. No. 923, §1, 12-20-93. Code 1974 §20.40.015.]

6.15.040 Owner liability for fees.

(a)    An owner reclaiming an impounded animal shall, prior to reclamation, pay all fees and subsistence costs incurred by such animal for care, custody, impoundment, and all other fees and charges as fixed by resolution of the assembly and in accordance with this title.

(b)    The owner of an impounded animal shall remain personally liable for all impoundment and subsistence fees, even if the owner abandons the animal to the animal control officer, and the animal is adopted by another or euthanized. [Ord. No. 923, §1, 12-20-93. Code 1974 §20.40.020.]