Chapter 8.05


8.05.010    Created.

8.05.020    Composition.

8.05.030    Director.

8.05.040    Staff.

8.05.010 Created.

There is hereby created the civil defense organization for the borough as an agency of the borough government. [Ord. No. 19, §4, 6-5-67. Code 1974 §5.80.005.]

8.05.020 Composition.

The civil defense organization shall be composed of the borough mayor and such other persons that he may appoint from time to time. All officers and employees of the borough, together with those volunteer forces enrolled to aid them prior to or during a disaster, shall constitute the organization as provided by law. [Ord. No. 19, §§4, 5, 6-5-67. Code 1974 §5.80.010.]

8.05.030 Director.

The borough mayor shall appoint a civil defense director or may serve in this capacity. [Ord. No. 19, §4, 6-5-67. Code 1974 §5.80.015.]

8.05.040 Staff.

The borough mayor may appoint a staff to serve at the pleasure of the mayor. [Ord. No. 19, §4, 6-5-67. Code 1974 §5.80.020.]