Chapter 11.15


11.15.010    Contracts and purchases – $50,000 or less.

11.15.020    Contracts and purchases – In excess of $10,000 but not more than $50,000.

11.15.030    Shipping.

11.15.040    American products.

11.15.050    State or federally funded projects.

11.15.010 Contracts and purchases – $50,000 or less.

(a)    The manager may procure all supplies, services, professional services and construction having an estimated value of not more than $50,000 on the open market without formal advertising or other formal bid procedures, subject to compliance with KGBC 11.20.020(b). The manager shall approve a written policy for the implementation of this section.

(b)    Whenever practicable, at least three informal bids or quotations shall be solicited for any procurement under this section. The solicitation may be either oral or written, and shall be in a form reasonably calculated to yield the lowest responsive bid by a responsible bidder.

(c)    Awards, where practicable, shall be made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. The manager or designee shall keep a record of all open market bids received and awards made thereon. [Ord. No. 1855, §1, 5-7-18; Ord. No. 1253, §1, 3-3-03; Ord. No. 1214, §2, 5-6-02. Code 1974 §41.20.005.]

11.15.020 Contracts and purchases – In excess of $10,000 but not more than $50,000.

All purchases or contracts, except as otherwise provided by this code or law, when the estimated cost thereof is estimated to exceed $10,000 but not more than $50,000, shall be by formal written contract or purchase order. [Ord. No. 1855, §2, 5-7-18; Ord. No. 1253, §2, 3-3-03; Ord. No. 1214, §2, 5-6-02; Ord. No. 650, §§1, 2, 2-16-88; Ord. No. 600, §2, 3-2-87. Code 1974 §41.20.010.]

11.15.030 Shipping.

All borough purchases shall be shipped by the least costly method projected to arrive in time to suit the borough’s purposes. [Ord. No. 1214, §2, 5-6-02. Code 1974 §41.20.020.]

11.15.040 American products.

All materials and supplies shall be made in the United States of America unless either:

(a)    The solicitation specifically authorizes other sources;

(b)    The products specified are not available from an American producer; or

(c)    The manager or designee has accepted the proposed non-American product at the pre-bid conference or in response to inquiry, which response has been provided to all bidders. [Ord. No. 1214, §2, 5-6-02. Code 1974 §41.20.025.]

11.15.050 State or federally funded projects.

For procurement projects with funding provided by the State of Alaska or United States government agencies, the rules of the granting agency shall apply. Where there is a conflict between the granting agency rules and the rules outlined in Chapter 11.20 KGBC, the granting agency rules shall govern. [Ord. No. 1855, §3, 5-7-18.]