Chapter 12.05


12.05.010    Purpose.

12.05.020    Policy.

12.05.030    Procedures.

12.05.040    Changing of names.

12.05.050    Naming a facility for other than an individual.

12.05.060    Application.

12.05.010 Purpose.

The borough hereby establishes a policy and set of procedures to govern the naming of borough buildings, other fixed facilities and public places. A sound naming policy adds meaning, significance and uniformity to public facilities, minimizes conflict and provides a forum for meaningful discussion regarding naming. Further, a borough naming policy establishes a means of approximately recognizing prominent individuals and those who have substantially contributed to the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, the state, or the nation. [Ord. No. 981, §1, 11-20-95. Code 1974 §5.100.005.]

12.05.020 Policy.

It is the policy of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough to name borough-owned buildings, other fixed facilities and public places in honor of prominent Alaskans who, by virtue of special efforts, accomplishments or contributions which have benefitted the Ketchikan Gateway Borough or the state of Alaska, have achieved public status worthy of long-term recognition. Non-Alaskans who have substantially contributed to the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, the state of Alaska or the nation as a whole may also be considered. [Ord. No. 981, §1, 11-20-95. Code 1974 §5.100.010.]

12.05.030 Procedures.

(a)    Preliminary action in naming a facility may be initiated by the mayor or by the assembly. Upon approval of a request, by assembly motion, to name a facility, a five (5) member citizen panel will be appointed by the mayor subject to assembly approval to review proposed names, to hold public hearings, and to identify an appropriate name for the facility. The citizen panel may be composed of members of recognized boards and commissions.

(b)    The facility naming panel will identify appropriate names of the facility. The panel may consider those names submitted by the mayor or the assembly or propose an alternative. Upon agreement by a majority of the panel, a letter advising the mayor shall be dispatched. The mayor will make the panel’s letter an attachment to a resolution for consideration by the assembly. Memoranda as appropriate may be appended to the resolution to explain or amplify relevant information for the assembly.

(c)    The assembly will hold at least one (1) public hearing on the naming resolution and ensure appropriate information dissemination to the public prior to adoption of the resolution. The name adoption or the name change shall become effective upon adoption of the resolution by the assembly. [Ord. No. 981, §1, 11-20-95. Code 1974 §5.100.020.]

12.05.040 Changing of names.

Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prohibit the changing of names of facilities provided the guidelines of this chapter are followed. [Ord. No. 981, §1, 11-20-95. Code 1974 §5.100.030.]

12.05.050 Naming a facility for other than an individual.

Names for municipal facilities may be selected from categories other than persons. Geographic influences may be considered in selecting names for facilities. Procedures prescribed herein remain applicable. [Ord. No. 981, §1, 11-20-95. Code 1974 §5.100.040.]

12.05.060 Application.

This chapter shall not apply to the naming or renaming of facilities which were donated to the borough contingent upon assignment of a specific name or to any facility construed or purchased from money or property donated to the borough for the specific purpose of securing a name for the facility. Further, this chapter does not apply to the naming of streets or roads.

This chapter shall apply to all property, facilities, and places owned by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough and operated by the borough or the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District. [Ord. No. 981, §1, 11-20-95. Code 1974 §5.100.050.]