Chapter 12.45


12.45.010    Prohibited trees.

12.45.020    Cutting of trees.

12.45.010 Prohibited trees.

No one shall plant in any public place any tree or shrub or any other plant the roots of which will cause injury to the sewers, sidewalks or pavements. Trees or shrubs planted in rights-of-way may be subject to removal at any time. [Ord. No. 1386S, §1, 12-18-06. Code 1974 §70.45.010.]

12.45.020 Cutting of trees.

No one willfully or maliciously shall cut, remove, or damage any tree on borough property in the right-of-way without permission from the director of public works. This section does not apply to routine trimming of trees. [Ord. No. 1386S, §1, 12-18-06. Code 1974 §70.45.020.]