Title 14


14.05    Establishment

14.10    Management and Operation

14.15    Nichols View Service Area

14.20    Waterfall Creek Service Area

14.25    South Tongass Service Area

14.30    Mud Bight Service Area

14.35    Forest Park Service Area

14.40    Gold Nugget Service Area

14.45    Vallenar Bay Service Area

14.50    Long Arm Service Area

14.55    Deep Bay Service Area

14.60    North Tongass Fire and Emergency Medical Services Service Area

14.65    Loring Service Area

14.70    Homestead Service Area

14.75    Old Dairy Road Service Area

Cross References – Planning and Zoning, KGBC Title 18; intent to establish service area for Ketchikan city limits to northern boundary of Saxman and from the south boundary of Saxman to the Homestead, Res. No. 58; petition for adding additional power of protection outside the city of Ketchikan, Res. No. 66.

State Law Reference – Service areas, AS 29.35.450 through 29.35.490.