Chapter 14.75


14.75.010    Established.

14.75.020    Description.

14.75.030    Powers.

14.75.040    Management and operation.

14.75.050    Accounting procedures.

14.75.060    Fees and charges.

14.75.010 Established.

There is hereby established the Old Dairy Road Service Area of the borough. [Ord. No. 1891, §2, 8-19-19.]

14.75.020 Description.

The Old Dairy Road Service Area shall consist of the following described area:

Those lands encompassed by the boundaries of Tract 2008 of the Homestead Forest Subdivision, recorded as Plat No. 2009-16, in the Ketchikan Recording District.

An illustration depicting these boundaries is incorporated in this section; provided, however, that in the event of conflict between the illustration and this legal description, the map illustration shall prevail.

[Ord. No. 1891, §2, 8-19-19.]

14.75.030 Powers.

The Old Dairy Road Service Area has all of the powers necessary or incidental to the providing of the following services within said service area:

Construction, maintenance, and operation of roads, including street lighting. [Ord. No. 1891, §2, 8-19-19.]

14.75.040 Management and operation.

The borough manager will appoint a three-member advisory board pursuant to KGBC 14.10.010 to assist the manager in determining the level of service to be provided in the service area. [Ord. No. 1891, §2, 8-19-19.]

14.75.050 Accounting procedures.

All accounting, billing and collection of taxes or charges shall be performed by the borough. [Ord. No. 1891, §2, 8-19-19.]

14.75.060 Fees and charges.

Fees and charges for the Old Dairy Road Service Area shall be set through a service area mill levy by resolution of the borough assembly, and shall be collected in accordance with Chapter 4.45 KGBC. [Ord. No. 1891, §2, 8-19-19.]